4th Week Assignment Answer 2021 – Class 6,7,8 & 9

Class 6,7,8 & 9 4th Week Assignment Solution 2021 | 4th week assignment answer 2021 will be available on our website. It is still not possible to open educational institution even in the 2021 academic year. For this reason, the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) has again directed the institutions to take assignments. We offer solutions to DSHE’s published assignments on our website.

Update: DSHE authority has postponed their assignment programme. The process of accepting and submitting assignments will remain closed until further notice.

4th Week Assignment Answer 2021

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, all educational institutions in Bangladesh have been closed since the end of March last year. But students are given assignments so that there is no year loss and based on this they are taken to the next class.

So far assignments have been given in first, second and third weeks. Now it is time for the 4th week assignment 2021. The first, second and third week assignments are answered on our website. Similarly, fourth week assignment answer 2021 will be available on our website.

⚠ DSHE Class Nine 4th week assignment has not announced yet.

Homework for All Class students

On the first 02 working days of a week, assignments will be given on DSHE’s official website Assignment will be given as notice. At the end of the week, students will complete their assignments and submit them to their respective educational institutions. Then take new assignments online. Read the notice below to know more.

4th Week Class 6 Assignment Answer

Students of Class 6 will be given assignment questions on 2 – 3 subjects each week. After completing and submitting the assignment, next week’s assignment questions will be given. Thus, the assignment of all the subjects of class six will be completed. When fourth week class 6 assignment will be published, you will find 4th week class 6 assignment answer in this post.

  • Class 6 Science Assignment 

The science subject has been added in the 4th week of the 2021 assignment program. There will also be assignments on science in the next 9th and 12th weeks.  Class 6 science assignment question & answer will added here.

  • Class 6 Fine Arts Assignment 

Assignments on Fine arts should be submitted in 4th and 7th week. Here we will added upcoming 4th week Class 6 Fine Arts Assignment Answer.

Upcoming Topics:

Fifth Week : No Home Work.

Sixth Week : English, Career Education and Agriculture or Home Science. 

Seventh Week : Mathematics and Religion Studies.

4th Week Class 7 Assignment Question Answer

Class 7 assignment question will be given just like class 6. However, assignment questions will be given on 2 – 3 subjects every week. After completing the week’s work and submitting, the next week’s assignment question will be given. We will add fourth week class 7 assignment answer in this post if the assignment of all the subjects of class 7 is published.

  • Class 7 Science Assignment 


  • Class 7 Fine Arts Assignment 

Upcoming Assignment Topics:

5th Week : No Home Work.

6th Week : English, Career Education and Agriculture or Home Science  

7th Week : Mathematics and Religion Studies

4th Week Class 8 Assignment Answer

Class 8 assignment question will be given in the same way as class 6 and class 7. One or more assignments may be taken on a few subjects. However, fourth week class 8 assignment answer will be given in this post once the class eight assignment question is published.

  • Class 8 Science Assignment 


  • Class 8 Fine Arts Assignment 

Upcoming Topics:

5th Week : No Home Work

6th Week : English, Career Education and Agriculture/Home Science.  

7th Week : Mathematics & Religion Studies.

4th Week Class 9 Assignment Answer

Class 9 has a total of 30 subjects including compulsory subject and group based subject. Assignment answers on compulsory subjects as well as 2 – 3 subjects in their respective groups should be submitted every week. Below is the link of fourth week class 9 assignment answer.

  • Class 9 Bangla Assignment

In class 9 , assignments are required every week on a compulsory and a departmental subject. Assignment on Bangla subject has to be submitted in 4th week.

  • Chemistry Assignment Class 9

In 4th week science group students will submit chemistry assignment answer. In this post, we will be added chemistry assignment answer..

  • Class 9 Business Entrepreneurship Assignment

Commerce group students of class 9 will submit Business Entrepreneurship Assignment for nest 4th week .

  • Class 9 Geography and Environment Assignment

Arts group students will submit Geography and Environment Assignment as well as Bangla in 4th week.

Upcoming Topics:

Fifth Week : English, Science and Bangladesh and Global Studies

Sixth Week : ICT and Physics/Accounting/History/Bangladesh & World Civilization

Seventh Week : Mathematics and Higher Mathematics/Agriculture/Home Science/Fine Arts/Economics.

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