Alim Routine 2020 PDF Download | New Update

Alim  Routine 2020 PDF Download. Alim Exam Routine 2020 New has been published on Madrasah Board Routine website Madrasah board Alim New Routine has announced on ay 2020. Today we will discuss how to download Alim routine 2020 .

Alim Routine 2020 PDF Download

Alim exam will start on  May 2020. Routine published but most of the student can not know where and how to get routine. So here you can download your routine without any redirection .

New Update: Alim new routine will announced soon. According to press release,  Alim exam 2020 will start on 31 May 2020. So wait for new exam schedule.

Alim Exam Routine 2020 PDF Download

Madrasah board HSC routine will declared soon. After routine published you can download PDF version.

Alim New Routine

Madrasah board Alim new routine is uploaded here. You can view image here image version routine.

Some Direction For Exam

1) 30 (thirty) minutes before the start of the test course, the candidates will have to sit in the examination hall.

2) First, many / multiple / creative / therapeutic (therapeutic) examination will be held.

(3) Time 30 minutes for multi-time examination of MCQ And the number 70 creative (CQ) test time is 2 hours and 30 minutes. However, during the 40-minute multi-candidate (MCQ) test, the time is 40 minutes and 60 marks for creative (CQ) test time, 2 hours and 20 minutes.

4) Unusual answer sheets and multiple-choice OMR sheets at 09.30 am in the morning of 10.00am

Distribution. Delivery of 10.00 multi-time question papers.

Delivery of multiple questionnaire (OMR sheets) and creative question papers on 10.30pm (Multiple Examination of 25 In case of this time, 10.40 minutes at the time of multiple test of 10.25 minutes and 40.

(4) Candidates will collect their admission from the head of their respective organizations.

(5) Rregistration number , Subject code etc. will be filled in the OMR form properly by typing the circle. In any way, the answer sheet can not be written in the margin or any other purpose.

(6) Theoretical, multidimensional and practical sections should be passed separately in practical matters.

(7) Every candidate can participate only in the examination of the subjects / subjects mentioned in the registration card and entrance. In no case can you participate in the examination of other subjects.

(8) The practical test will be held at the center. However, if there is no science department in the madrasa at the center, then a practical examination will be held in the madrasa with science departments.

(9) The candidates will be able to use general scientific calculator in the examination. The pregaming calculator can not be used.

(10) At the time of taking the test, the officer in charge of the test center can use the normal mobile phone but can not access the mobile phone in the test room. Someone else in the center of the exam | You can not use the mobile phone and can not bring the mobile phone to any of the examination centers. (11) The same signature should be used in theoretical / creative / multiparty and practical examinations. This is a dependable document in the examination.

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