Class 7 English Assignment Answer 2021 with PDF (8th & 6th Week)

DSHE 6th & 8th week class seven English assignment solution 2021. 8th week Class 7 English assignment answer 2021 PDF & question has published on the official website of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education website

Like every week, our website has published English assignment answer for students of class seven. So let’s see the assignment solution image & PDF.

Class 7 English Assignment Answer 2021

This week, a total of 03 assignments have been given to the students of class Seven. One of the 3 subjects is English. Through this post, you will find only English assignment solution.

Assignment topics are taken from the textbook. Although the assignment topic is always taken from the textbook.

Therefore, if the students read their main books regularly, then the students will be able to find the assignment solution on their own.

However, according to the guidelines of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE for short), the students have to find the solution on their own. Yet some students cannot solve their own assignments.

Our website publishes assignment solutions for these weak students. We can assure you that the solution our website publishes is absolutely correct. So you can use our assignment solution without any hesitation.

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Class Seven English Assignment Solution

Class Seven English assignment is given below. And the assignment solution link is also added below the assignment. If you are a student of class 7 then you can check the assignment solution.

8th week English Question & Answer


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6th week Assignment Answer

  • English Assignment

6th week class 7 English assignment answer 2021

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Keyword: Recall (verb)- ডাকিয়া ফেরানো (call back).
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary page no: 607
Adjective form: Recallable
Sentence: He looked up and recalled the stars.


Keyword : Erase (verb)- মুছিয়া ফেলা (blot out).
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary page no: 277
Adjective form: Erasable
Sentence: The incident is not erasable.


Keyword: Intelligent (adjective)- বুদ্ধিমান (endowed with a good intellect).
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary page no: 405
Noun form: Intelligence
Sentence: Shakib is an intelligent boy.


Keyword: Performance (noun)- সম্পাদন (the act of performing)
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary page no: 543
Verb form: Perform
Sentence: Robots can perform thousands of works at ‍a time.

Keyword: Wildly (adverb)- বন্যভাবে (in a wild manner or condition)
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary page no: 73
Adjective form: Wild
Sentence: The rain drummed wildly on the roof.

Keyword: Eminent (adjective)- বিখ্যাত (exalted in rank or office)
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary page no: 268
Synonym: Lofty
Sentence: We are expecting the arrival of an eminent scientist.

Keyword: Nervous (adjective)- স্নায়ুবিশিষ্ট (having nerves)
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary page no: 498
Synonym: Timorous
Sentence: It was a nervous situation.


Keyword: Engrave (verb). নকশা খোদাই করা (cut or carve (a text or design) on the surface of a hard object)
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary page no: 270
Adjective form : Engrable
Sentence: The image was engraved on the plaque.

Keyword: Admire (verb)-প্রশংসা করা (regard with love and esteem)
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary page no: 22
Adjective form: Admirable.
Sentence: I admire the way you handled it.


Keyword: Poverty (noun)- দারিদ্রতা (lack of elements or qualities)
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary page no: 570
Adjective form: Poor. Sentence: Cultivate poverty like a garden herb, like sage.

Some Guidelines for Student

1) First select a formal cover page. Fill the cover page clearly with the required information.

2) Draw margins on all 04 sides of the page on which the assignment answers are going to be written.

3) Write the solution per the question number.

4) Before writing the solution to every question, write the question then write the solution below it.

5) Write the solution on one side of the page. Leave the opposite side blank.

6) Try to make the handwriting a little better. However, the important thing is that the handwriting should be neat and clean.

7) Unnecessary writing/marks are often left within the assignment. But assignments should be kept clean. Because a good-looking assignment helps to induce a decent evaluation.

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