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Due to covid-19 outbreak whole world is halted since couple of months.Corona virus Live Update outbreak stopped Worldwide and Native Education,National and International Transportations,Factories,Garments and all other organizations.Here you will get a comprehensive discussion and covid-19 update today  as well as corona virus History,Vaccine, Symptoms , Drugs and like every day Corona virus update for today. In worldwide corona virus infection update it will contains How many number of affection today, death today, Recovered today and finally corona virus current situation of Bangladesh along with all over the world.You will also find Bangladesh COVID-19 Update today also.This will be also discussed on this content that how to avoid corona virus so called covid 19 affection.

Covid-19 Update Today

Here you will get corona virus called covid-19 update today from multipurpose dimension. You will also get the covid-19 update for Bangladesh specially in separate part of this content along with different kinds of data table and chart in need to represen the corona virus affection’s history of it’s life time on earth.

Corona Virus Update for Bangladesh



Covid-19 Update for all over the world


Corona Virus affected countries


How become safe from corona virus affection.

To stay safe from corona virus attack maintain there rules and confirm social distancing and maintain quarantine or isolation if you are suspected with covid-19 disease.

  • Use tissue while sneezing
  • Avoid Traveling
  • Stay At Home
  • Use mask if you go out
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap
  • Avoid Crowd
  • Be Safe.

Symptoms of the disease

According to recent case study among various country in world wide covid-19 disease germ called corona virus changes it’s behaviour and characteristics frequently and more than thousand in time.According to who,COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. Most infected people will develop mild to moderate symptoms.Fever,tiredness,dry cough are the regular or common symptoms for coro virus disease Covid-19. And aches and pains,nasal congestion,runny nose,sore throat,diarrhoea are described as exceptional symptoms for this pandemic. Some time it may doesn’t notice any kind of symptoms in suspected body.On average it takes about one week from when someone is infected with the corona virus[covid-19] for symptoms to show, however it can take up to 14 days.covid-19 update today.

Drugs and treatments

As the disease is completely new in the world no drugs have not been made of yet. Scientists are trying to decode the genome of this virus to make vaccine and drugs to inactive this corona virus affections in human body.So self care is only the way to get rid of from corona virus disease called covid-19.
If you feel sick and notice these symptoms in you then you should rest, drink plenty of water, and eat nutritious and healthy food. Stay in a separate room so called covid-19 quarantine and covid-19 isolation from other family members, and use a dedicated bathroom and other daily using things if possible. Clean and sterilise frequently touched surfaces.covid-19 update today.

Corona virus vaccine

According to bbc(british broad casting) they published a report on corona virus vaccine recently. They reported that,David Nabarro, professor of global health at Imperial College, London, says humans will have to live with the threat of coronavirus “for the foreseeable future” because there’s no guarantee that a vaccine will be successfully developed.And Tim Lahey, a vaccine researcher at the University of Vermont Medical Centre, warns that there’s a “good reason to worry a coronavirus vaccine would elicit harmful immune responses too”.Global Covid-19 infections have hit nearly 3m with more than 206,000 deaths. Developing a safe vaccine which can be mass produced is going to be a time consuming exercise – every lot has to be chemically and biologically tested before being released. “But we are hopeful, very hopeful, of having a safe and efficacious vaccine in two years or less,” says Mr Poonawalla.covid-19 update today

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