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DU GA Unit Admission Result 2024

Dhaka University Business Unit Admission Merit & Waiting List  Result 2023-2024 PDF. DU GA Unit  result 2024 will be declared on the official website This article will explain the basic procedure of getting DU GA unit result 2024 Online & SMS.

Dhaka University GA Unit Admission Result 2024

Dhaka University’s business studies unit or GA unit admission test for the 2023-24 academic session went smoothly in all eight divisions. 37,681 students applied for 1,040 seats, meaning 36 students per seat. The exam lasted 1.5 hours and had both multiple-choice and written questions, adding up to 100 marks. The university made sure everything was fair and organized, and there were no problems reported.

University : Dhaka University

Unit Name:  GA Unit or Business Studies Unit

Total Applicant: 37,681

Total Seats: 1050

Exam Date: 4 February 2024

Admission Website:

DU Business Unit Admission Result 2024

There are a couple of easy ways to check the result. We’ll outline two simple procedures: 1. Check DU Ga Unit (C unit) result online, and 2. Check DU C unit (Ga Unit) via SMS. This way, you won’t need to seek help from others. In addition to the procedures, this post will include important information regarding the DU Ga unit admission Result 2024.

Available Seats for DU Business Studies Unit 

DU GA Unit Result 2024, candidates should also be aware of the available seats in each department. The DU C unit comprises 9 departments, exclusively for business studies students. Candidates from other backgrounds are not eligible for admission. First, let’s learn about the names of the nine different departments of the Dhaka University GA unit

Subject Available Seat
Management Business Administration 150
Accounting and Information Systems 150
Marketing 150
Finance 150
Banking and Insurance 100
Management Information Systems 100
Tourism and Hospitality Management 100
International Business 100
Organization Strategy and Leadership 50
Total 1050

 DU GA Unit Result 2024 (Online)

DU admission test results for the 2023-2024 session are typically announced on the official DU admission-related website – It’s a common question: How to check DU Ga unit result 2024 Online? Many new users often struggle to find the right way and end up seeking help from others. We’re here to solve all your queries and explain the step-by-step process of checking the DU Ga unit merit list result PDF.

  1. Visit the DU admission website. If you’re unable to locate the website, simply click on this link –
  2. Click on the Login button located at the top left corner.
  3. Several boxes will appear. In one of the boxes, enter your HSC Roll and select your passing year and Board.
  4. Then, provide your SSC roll number.
  5. Finally, click on the Submit button.

 Dhaka University Result Via SMS

Since we understand that checking your DU C Unit result via SMS is convenient, we’ll share the method and the correct procedure. This method is particularly useful as it allows you to access the result even without an internet connection. The process is straightforward. Simply open the messaging option on your mobile phone.

Type: DU <Space> Unit Name <Space> Roll Number and send the 16321.
Example: DU GA 6566124 Send: 16321

NOTE: The DU C unit result will be sent with a reply SMS.

Check All Unit Result Via SMS

You can also easily check DU’s other units’ results in the same way. You will just have to change the unit name. We are sharing the procedure for all units.

DU B Unit: DU <space> KHA <space> Admission Test Roll and send to 16321.
Example: DU KHA 124456 and Send to 16321.

DU C Unit: DU <space> GA <space> Admission Test Roll and send to 16321.
Example: DU GA 123456 and Send to 16321.

DU F Unit: DU <space> CHA <space> Admission Test Roll and send to 16321.
Example: DU KA 113456 and Send to 16321.

DU D Unit: DU <space> GHA <space> Admission Test Roll and send to 16321.
Example: DU GHA 123566 and Send to 16321.

DU A Unit: DU <space> KA <space> Admission Test Roll and send to 16321.
Example: DU KA 123456 and Send to 16321.

DU GA Unit Subjects, Question Patter and Mark Distribution

The exam pattern question pattern and the mark distribution process are a little bit different from the other units. Subject names and the mark distribution process is shared in brief below.

  • Total 100 questions, 1.20 marks for each right answer and a total of 120 marks. For every wrong answer, 0.25 marks will be deducted.
  • English: 30 marks, Advanced English: 30 marks, Business Studies: 30, Accounting: 30 marks and Economics: 30 marks.
  • Besides this, 30 marks are based on SSC GPA and 50 marks are based on HSC GPA and results will be based on admission tests, SSC and HSC GPA mark.

GPA Conversion: SSC GPA x 6 and HSC GPA x 10.
Example: SSC result GPA 5 x 6 = 30 Marks for SSC results. HSC result GPA 5 x 10 = 50. So, the total marks 80 + 120 = 200 marks.

We have shared the DU Ga unit result checking process in detail. We have shared two methods and you can follow them as you need. If you find any kind of mistakes in this post, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section. Best of luck!

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