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Every school and college students’ ambition is to get admitted into universities. To get admitted into any university of Bangladesh, students suffer a lot because they have to go to each and every university to give admission test. Rather it is easy to get yourself admitted into any universities of foreign country. Especially when it comes to admission in Canadian or American university. Yes, you got it right. You can easily get yourself admitted into any Canadian or American university sitting at home through SAT. So, let’s know about SAT in details

What is SAT and who needs to do ?

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a must for those who want to do their under-graduation from any university of United States or Canada. This test verifies the qualification or merit of a high school student if he / she is ready to admit herself / himself in any university. It is compulsory to submit your SAT score with the application form of any universities of Canada or United States. To be honest the bitter truth is not everybody can go to study abroad because of their financial problem. So, everybody wants to get scholarship so that they can fulfil their dream. In this case if you want to get a scholarship in Canada or United States your SAT score must meet their minimum score demand for getting a scholarship.

Exam method & structure 

This is a pen-and-paper test and the time limit is 3 hours. But there is an optional section- essay. If you take that section too, extra 50 minutes will be added. Though this essay section is optional now, it was compulsory before. The main SAT score and the optional test score are counted separately. Now the question is ‘Should I take that optional test or not?’ you have to keep one thing in mind that not all universities require SAT. So, at first you have to determine in which university you want to get admitted to. After that check, their requirement for essay section. To know this search- [school name] SAT essay requirement on Google.

Total marks for SAT is 2400 and there are three sections excluding essay section which is optional. Each section carries 800 marks and the optional section has separate numbering in a scale of 6-24. 600 marks is counted as lowest mark and 2400 is as highest. The three sections are-

  1. Mathematics
  2. Critical reading
  3. Writing


This section has three sub-sections. Two of them have time limit of 25 minutes and the other has time limit of 20 minutes. The first subsection is for 25 minutes and you have to answer 20 multiple choice questions. Point to be noted is that here will be negative marking. That means if you answer any question wrong your marks will be deducted.  The second subsection is for 25 minutes too. In this section you have to answer 8 MCQ type questions and 10 GRID-IN type questions. GRID-IN type questions mean you need to write your answer in grids given on the question paper. This sub-section has no negative marking. In the third sub-section you have to answer 16 MCQ type questions and the time limit is 20 minutes.

Critical Reading

Here are three sub-sections too and two of them have time limit of 25 minutes and the other has time limit of 20 minutes. In each section there will be sentence completion and reading comprehension. You have to fill in the gaps with the right answer chosen from five given options in the sentence completion section. Then there will be passage in the reading comprehension section and you have to answer the questions related to that passage.


There will be four types of questions-

  1. Identification of sentence errors: you will be given a sentence where there will be 5 underlines. From those underlined part you have to find the grammatical mistakes.
  2. Sentence corrections: It is no different than the previous one. The difference is here will be just one underline and five different answers for that underlined part. You have to find out the correct answer.
  3. Editing in context: They will give you a passage where there will be some underlined words or any sentence. You will be asked to find out what can be used instead of those underlined parts. You have nothing to worry about! They will give you options to choose the right answers.
  4. Essay writing: Subject of the essay will be given in the question paper and they will include how to write that essay.

Registration Process 

At first go to SAT’s official website and open a college board account. Then you have to pay $92(around 7.5 thousand in Bangladeshi taka) to complete the registration. You must do registration 1 month before the test. Things you need to complete registration-

  • Passport
  • Digital print of passport size photograph
  • Any other identity card except passport is not acceptable

After completing registration, a new page will show up. This is admission ticket which is the prove that you have completed your registration. You need to print this ticket. Every examinee will get an admission ticket. The following things are included in admission ticket-

  • Student photo
  • Student personal information
  • Test day info
  • Notes for students
  • Supervisor

When and where SAT exam is held in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh there are six SAT exam centers. Four of them are in Dhaka and the rest are in Chittagong. SAT exams are held in January, May, June, and December.

Exam Cancellation Process 

If you are going to cancel your exam after completing registration you must keep these in mind-

you will only get back $10 from college board through credit card. The rest of the money will not be refunded. But if you want to appear in exam again you must pay $47.50 for the three sections and $64.50 for the essay section.

Again, if you just want to reschedule the exam instead of cancelling it, you must pay additional $28. So always think before you take any step.

SAT Preparation Tips 

If you expect a better result in an examination, you must work hard according to a successful plan. As SAT exams are held several times in a year you should take preparation accordingly. To know the pattern, you can practice tests from SAT related books. It will help you to know in which condition your preparation is. So, you will get to know your lacking. You can take preparation for scoring a handsome number by your own without doing any coaching classes. To take preparation on your own you need to be hard working and must do regular practice. And the most important thing is you must read English newspaper daily to enhance your skill.

Recommended Books

  • Barron’s
  • Kallis’ SAT Pattern Strategy
  • Official SAT study guide
  • The Princeton review
  • Kaplan
  • Gruber’s
  • McGraw-Hill


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