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GSA Admission Lottery Result 2024 PDF –

Bangladesh Govt and Non-Govt School Admission Lottery Merit and Waiting List Result 2024 PDF. GSA Admission Lottery Result 2024 will be announced on our website once it is released on the GSA result website This article will explain how to check the Class 1 to 9 GSA lottery result and what’s next after being selected in the merit result and other related information

GSA Admission Lottery Result 2024

Government School Admission (GSA) process for private and government secondary schools for the 2024 academic year starts on October 24 and ends on November 14. Apply online at from 11:00 am on October 24 to 5:00 pm on November 14. The application fee is Tk 110, payable on a TeleTalk prepaid number. Students have completed their GSA admission process for 2023 and are eagerly awaiting the School Admission Lottery Result and other official declarations for final admission. Before explaining the GSA admission Lottery result checking method, we will highlight the basic dates and deadlines.

Application Start : 24 October 2023

Application Deadline : 18 November 2023 (11.59 PM)

Application Fee : 110 Taka

Govt School Result: 28 November 2023

Non-Govt School Result: 28 November 2023

Lottery Result Link:

GSA Admission Circular

GSA Lottery Result 2024

GSA School Admission Result will be out soon. You can check them online on the school’s website or on the notice board. The lottery results will be available earlier than expected. Remember, the way they decide GSA lottery result may differ for each class. Many people are happy about this because there won’t be any admission tests this time. On result day, you can find out your GSA result easily online or through SMS.

GSA Lottery Result 2024

School Admission Lottery Result Online

School Admission Lottery results will be announced nationwide on scheduled days. If you want to be among the first to know the lottery result, follow the right steps. It’s important to know the correct process. The most effective way is to check online.

Follow the instructions below to get the government and non-government school admission results:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Navigate to the ‘Result’ section
  3. Enter your User ID
  4. Provide the User ID and press enter
  5. Your school name and obtained result will be displayed.

You can also check the results on the official Teletalk website. Choose the option for individual results and enter the correct User ID. Double-check everything and submit. Your results will be shown shortly.

GSA School Admission Lottery Result by SMS

If you want to see the result via SMS, it’s simple. Just make sure you have credit on your SIM card because sending a text message costs charge. Open your phone’s messaging app

  1. Type GSA, leave a space.
  2. Enter your User ID, leave another space.
  3. Send it to 16222.
  4. Check that your User ID is correct to avoid mistakes.
  5. If you send the SMS correctly, you’ll get the admission result in a reply message soon.

 GSA Teletalk BD Result 2024 Download

To download your GSA school admission result, visit the official website and log in with the required information. Ensure accuracy in providing details, especially the user ID. After submission, the result will be promptly displayed. For added convenience, there’s an option to download the result in PDF format by clicking the designated button next to the displayed GSA teletalk BD Trsult. Keep in mind that this download feature is exclusively available through the website.

GSA Result 2024: FAQs

Q1: When is the GSA Admission Lottery Result 2024 expected?
A1: Soon. Check for updates.

Q2: What are the key dates for the GSA admission process?
A2: Application started on October 24, 2023, and ended on November 14, 2023. Results expected between November 21 and November 30, 2023.

Q3: How to check GSA Lottery Result online?
A3: Visit, go to ‘Result,’ enter User ID, press enter for your school name and result.

Q4: Can I check on the Teletalk website?
A4: Yes. Choose individual results, enter User ID, double-check, and submit.

Q5: Can I get the result via SMS?
A5: Yes. Text “GSA [Space] User ID” to 16222 with sufficient credit.

Q6: How to download GSA Teletalk BD Result 2024 in PDF?
A6: Log in on the official site, submit, and click download next to the result.

Q7: Can I download from other sources?
A7: No, use the official website for PDF download.

Q8: What to double-check during GSA result checking?
A8: Confirm User ID accuracy and have enough credit for SMS. Follow official instructions.


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