HSC English 1st & 2nd Paper Suggestion 2019

HSC English 1st & 2nd Paper Suggestion 2019. Next 6 May HSC English 1st paer exam will be held. There are many request for HSC English 1st & 2nd Paper Suggestion 2019. So today we will discuss abot HSC Suggestion  2019.

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HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2019

First Paper Passages for MCO/Q-A/Flow Chart/Information Transfer/Summary

  1. Diaspora (U-11, L-01]
  2. Peace Movement (U-12, L-OS)..Flow Chart 2018 (Set:B)
  3. Conflict can be described… (U-12, L-02)… Flow Chart 2018 (Set:A)
  4. Kuakata, locally known as…[0-08,L-05)
  5. Universities should never …[0-06, L-01)… Summary 2018 (Set:A)
  6. A craftwork is an applied form… [U-14, L-03]
  7. Folk Music… [U-14, L-02]
  8. I caught sight of her… (U-03, L-02]
  9. Unsafe level of Pesticides…[U03, L-01]
  10. A vast mangrove forest… (U-08, L-04]
  11. Shilpi was only 15… [U-05, L-04]
  12. Nelson Mandela… [U-01, L-01]
  13. When a girl gets married… (U-05, L-02]/Adolescents constitute a nation’s core resource
  14. Many adolescence face… (0.05, L-01]
  15. My brothers, the assembly. (U-01, L-02]
  16. The time of Adolescence… (U-5,L-01]
  17. Hercules was the son… [U-9, L-04]
  18. I am in a tiny steel cage… (U-2, L-2]
  19. As a child, you must have been… [U-4, L1]
  20. Migration from Bangladesh to Britain…(U-11,L-4)
  21. Many educators believe that…[0-6,L-3)
  22. One of the sources of water…(U-8, L-1]…Passage 2017
  23. Beauty is easy to Appreciate…. [U-14, L-1]…Passage(Set:B) 2018
  24. Dreams have fascinated…(U-10,L-1). Without Clues 2018 Theme Based
  25. Unsafe level of Pesticides…(U-3, L-1]


  1. Anne Frank
  2. A Wise Counsellor’s Advice
  3. Khan Jahan Ali, a Philanthropic Man
  4. Nobel Prize and Alfred Bernard Nobel
  5. Hiroshima Bombing
  6. Napoleon and an English Boy
  7. Nambi: A story-teller
  8. Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah
  9. The Richman and the Farmer
  10. A Thirsty/ Witty Crow
  11. Grapes are sour
  12. Robert Bruce
  13. Socrates, a Great Thinker
  14. Nasiruddin Hojja and an inconsiderate Beggar
  15. A lesson for a liar Groccer
  16. The Death Sentence of Socrates
  17. The integrity of an Orphan Boy (Jerry)
  18. An intelligent Lad and his wise Teacher
  19. Stephen Hawking
  20. Rabindranath Tagore…(2018 Set B)
  21. The bounty of Alexander towards a Defeated King
  22. Androcles and a lion
  23. The ready wit of an Astrologer…

Story Writing

  1. Money cannot bring Happiness
  2. Bayzid’s love for his Mother
  3. A farmer had four sons/Unity is Strength…
  4. Dress doesn’t make a man great…/Sheikh Saadi’s wit/Tit for tat…
  5. An honest woodcutter & the Beautiful Fairy…
  6. A kind Lion & a Grateful mouse
  7. Grasp All, Lose All
  8. The Scholar and the boatman
  9. Who’s to bell the cat?
  10. Robert Bruce…
  11. A greedy farmer…
  12. A friend in need is a friend indeed…
  13. Change of the lot of a Poor farmer
  14. An Astrologer & A King
  15. Nobleness of a landlord


  1. The historic 7th March Speech
  2. Folk Music
  3. Environment pollution
  4. Causes and effects of Traffic Jam
  5. Child labour
  6. An ideal student
  7. Water Pollution
  8. Modern technology/Scientific Advancement
  9. Etiquette and Manner
  10. Prospect of Higher Education in Bangladesh
  11. Dowry system
  12. The uses and abuses of mobile phone
  13. Bangladeshi Culture
  14. Female education Paragraph 2018 2 Paper
  15. Climate change

Informal E-Mail/Letter

  1. About your preparation for HSC
  2. Advising not to waste time surfing Internet/watching TV………/Your reply.
  3. To a friend, by congratulating him on his brilliant success/for winning first prize in an

International Competition.

  1. Consoling for father’s death.
  2. For returning the book that he borrowed from you
  3. What do you want to do after HSC?…
  4. Inviting to attend a birthday party/Picnic/marriage ceremony of younger sister
  5. To a sick friend showing your deep sympathy
  6. To a friend thanking for hospitality
  7. To a friend describing a study tour in a Historical Place
  8. Describing your visit to Ekushey Boi Mela/Baishakhi Mela
  9. To your brother advising him to be sincere and attentive to study.
  10. To a pen friend about the natural beauty of Bangladesh
  11. Advising younger brother to refrain from Smoking
  12. Informing your friend about Co-Curricular Activities


1.The internet users/Mobile Phone Users

  1. The Literacy rate
  2. People living below Poverty Line
  3. Passing rates of different subjects
  4. Passing rates of HSC in recent years
  5. Choice of Profession by different educated people
  6. Road Accidents in Bangladesh
  7. Population Growth
  8. Time allocation on various activities
  9. Sources of air pollution
  10. Physical & Sexual Violence experienced by Married woman
  11. Infant Mortality rate

 Appreciating Stories/Poems

All Stories & Poems of old and New TEXTBOOK Besides, Stopping by Woods, Road not taken, There is no frigate like a book, If I die in a war zone, Leisure, Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Followed from Test Paper)

HSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2019


Paragraph Writing

  1. Uses and abuses of the internet/social media/ smartphone
  2. Drug abuse/ addiction
  3. Environment pollution/ Climate Change
  4. Greenhouse Effect/Global Warming
  5. Positive & Negative Effects of Facebook/Social Media
  6. Digital Bangladesh/Vision 2021
  7. Bangabandhu Satellite-
  8. Book Fair
  9. International Mother Language Day/21 February
  10. Independence Day
  11. Compare and contrast between city life and urban life
  12. Deforestation
  13. Road Accidents in Bangladesh
  14. Gender Discrimination
  15. Importance of learning English
  16. Pahela Boishakh… (Set:B 2018)

Composition Writing

  1. Your career plan
  2. Deforestation and its effects on the environment
  3. Impact of Climate Change in Bangladesh
  4. Uses and abuses of Social Media/ Smart phones/Satellite TV
  5. Dangers of Drug Addiction
  6. Female Empowerment/Female Education.

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