JSC Result Board Challenge 2018 | JDC,JSC Resecurity Result

JSC Result Board Challenge | JSC Resecurity Result 2018.By Following this post you will know how to Board Challenge JSC Result 2018 and How to challenge JDC Result.Junior school Certificate Result Board challenge process and JDC Result Board Challenge is same.Lets talk about JSC Board Challenge Result 2018.

JSC Result Board Challenge 2018 | JSC Resecurity Result

For Challenging Your JSC Result you need just a mobile phone and a teletalk sim with sufficient balance.

Important Information–

  1. You can apply for JSC and JDC Result Board Challenge within 25/12/2018 to 02/01/2019
  2. You need a Teletalk Sim with Sufficient Balance.
  3. How much money You need in your Balance? Ans: 125 taka per subject

To complete your JSC/JDC Resecurity Process please follow these steps…

STEP — 1

Just Type this in your message option then send it to 16222 from your teletalk sim.

RSC<space>First 3 letter of your Board<space>ROLL<space>Subject Code

and send it to 16222


RSC DHA 123456 101

***if you want to Challenge more than one subject just write these subject code using comma like–

RSC DHA 123456 101,102 and send it to 16222

***For Bangla and English just write bangla first paper subject code(101) and English First paper Subject code(107) and pay for both first paper and second paper.

STEP — 2

you will receive a return sms with total balance you need and a PIN number.if you dont have required balance in your teletalk sim please recharge the amount.

RSC<space>YES<space>PIN<space>Contact Number

and send it to 16222



After completing Step-2 you will get a confirmation sms that your application for JDC/JSC Result Board Challenge is Confirmed.

How you will Get update that your Result Changed or not?

You will get a SMS from 16222 that tells you Your Ultimate JSC/JDC result after challenge.

JSC Resecurity Result 2018

Subject Code list for both JSC and JDC exam–

Subjects of JSC Exam JSC Subject Code
Bangla 1st Paper 101
Bangla 2nd Paper 102
English 1st Paper 107
English 2nd Paper 108
Information & Comm Technology 154
Mathematics 109
Islam Religion & Moral Studies 111
Hindu Religion & Moral Studies 112
Buddha Religion & Moral Studies 113
Christian Religion & Moral Studies 114
Bangladesh & Global Studies 150
Physical Studies & Health 147
Science 127
Kormo & Jibonmukhi Shikkha 155
Krishi Shikkha 134
Home Science 151
Home Economics 129
Arabic 121
Shangskrit 123
Pali 124
Charu & Karukola 148


Here is The list for All Boards Short Code —

  1. Dhaka Education Board – DHA
  2. Rajshahi Education Board – RAJ
  3. Chittagong Education Board – CHI
  4. Jessore Education Board – JES
  5. Comilla Education Board – COM
  6. Sylhet Education Board – SYL
  7. Dinajpur Education Board – DIN
  8. Barisal Education Board – BAR

JSC/JDC Result Board Challenge

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