NU Honours Admission Release Slip Result 2019-20

NU Honours Admission Release Slip  Result 2019-20 . NU Release slip result published on NU admission website & NU  Release slip announced as soon as possible . Now we discuss about NU Release slip 2019-20.

NU Honours Admission Release Slip 2019-20

According to NU notice , NU release slip result 2019 will be announced on 05 November 2019. You will get result from National university admission website.

NU Release Slip result date is 05 November 2019 (04.00 PM).  

Who Can Apply For NU Honours Admission Release Slip

  • Students who Fill up Admission Form but did not get chance in merit list
  • Candidates who canceled admission
  • students who get chance in merit position but haven’t admitted

Release Slip Application Process

Those candidates who do not have a place in the merit list, can refuse admission or be placed in the merit list and will not be admitted in the allotted category, all of them
Candidates can apply for release slip  in five colleges.

NU Admission Release Slip Result 2018-19

  • At first go to National University release slip related website
  • Then you can see a input page
  • Input your Roll & Pin
  • Now click the log in button .
  • If you give valid information then you see your NU Release Slip Result .

NU Release Slip Result by SMS

NU <Space> ATHN <Space> Roll No Send it to 16222

Exp: NU ATHN 6754534 and Send 16222

National University Release Slip Related Notice

NU release slip result 2019-20

Terms and conditions of application to release slip and fill the form

  • To apply for the release slip, the candidate has to go to the respective website ( or on the Honors tab and click on the Honor’s Applicant’s Login option and enter the RAEL number and PIN entry of the application form. Including the candidate’s name and other information The release slip application form will be displayed on the website.
  • To apply for the release slip, if the applicant goes to College Selection Option, by selecting the college as per his choice, you can see the list of vacant seats in the college and list of his eligible subjects. At this stage, the applicant will decide on the new eligibility list from his eligible list. In this way, an applicant, according to his / her choice, will be able to fill the application form for the release slip with the entry of the highest five colleges in the phases.
  • By filling in the form with the correct information, clicking on the Application Application You can see the name, initial application number, RAule number, college name and a new application form, including topics. After downloading that form, A4 (8.5 “× 11”) offset will be printed on white paper but it will not be submitted to the colleges mentioned in the application form or pay any fee.
  • After finalizing the application of the release slip, no candidate can apply for the college / subject in his application form. | If you are willing to change or change the option, he will have to enter the Honor’s Applicant’s login option and enter the RAEL number and PIN code entry of the primary application form. At this stage, the applicant will need to go to the Cancel Release Slip option and click to Generate the Security key. At this time, the candidate will send SMS to the personalized mobile number in his application form via One || Time Password (OTP) The applicant with this OTP entry cancels his application form New
    You can fill up the release slip application form. Candidates can only get this once.
  • Release slip results will be published at scheduled time. Applicant Candidates Release Slip there will be no suitable changes.

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