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All About TOEFL । A Detailed Overview

You must be dreaming to complete your higher studies (graduation/post graduation, masters, PHD) abroad. If you want to make your dream comes true, at first you have to prove yourself proficient in English language by giving an exam. There are several English language proficiency exams. But it varies from country to country and university to university. For example – American universities require TOEFL exam, whereas European universities require IELTS exam. We have already discussed about IELTS. Today we will learn about TOEFL.

What is TOEFL & Why You Need It ?

Test of English as a Foreign Language abbreviated as TOEFL is a test that verifies the proficiency of English language of those students who don’t speak English or in a word those who speak any other language than English. But this America invented method is preferred only in America. For studying abroad this test is required (Graduation /post graduation, Masters, PHD) to prove your proficiency of English language.

Exam method & structure 

American embassy takes this test. Like the GRE test, it’s also computer based. That means you have to give your exam through computer.

There are four sections for TOEFL test:

  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing

Each section has 30 number and Total marks is 100.You will always get your marks in round figure. That means it’s always 97/98/99; never 97.5 / 98.75. Most of the universities have a minimum condition of around 80. So you have to earn 80 marks to get admitted to your dream university. You will get 10 minutes break after the first two section.

Section-1 (Reading)

This 54-72minutes section has 3-4 passages and there will be 14 questions from each. Most of the questions will be these types: general MCQ, insert a sentence, complete the summary, complete the table, inference, vocabulary, sentence simplification.


In this section, you have to listen an audio. It might be conversation of two. You have to note in the rough paper. After the audio ends, you will get to see questions. You have to follow note taking strategy guided with each question. In this 41-57minutes section there will be 6 questions from ‘listening audio’ and 5 questions from 2-3 conversations. In this section you have to answer 4 types of question; Multiple choice, multi select multiple choice, complete a table, listen again.

Section-3 (Speaking)

This section is the shortest of all sections which is only 20 minutes. Total marks is 30. You have to do three tasks:

  • Familiar topic: First you have to say a few words about a familiar subject. Then you have to create two types of arguments to say which is appropriate and why is appropriate.
  • Read, listen, speak: At 1st they will give you a passage to read. After that they will show you some audio/video related to that passage. Then you have to answer two questions from that audio/ video.
  • Listen, speak: In this part you have to hear an audio and they will give 60 seconds to answer.


In this section your proficiency of writing English will be examined. You have to write an essay in two steps and the time limit is 50 minutes.

  • Integrated task: You have to write an essay (within 150 words) based on that audio you heard in the previous section.
  • Independent task: Here you have to write an essay on something from your personal experience (within 300 words).

IELTS Registration Process 

You can do your registration from any regional center or you can do it online also. Registration must be done 3-4 months before the test. To register for TOEFL, visit this link, sign up and open an account. You have to pay $180 through credit card for the test fee. If any student fails to get the desired score, he/she can take this test several times once a month. You can apply for free for four universities once with TOEFL test. But later it will cost $20 to apply for each varsity and it must be paid through credit card. If you want to reschedule after registration you have to pay $60.

You will get All the information regarding TOEFL registration on the official website of ETS. Generally, they send a hardcopy of the test result within 1 month of giving the test by post. But if you do not receive it within 1.5 months you need to contact with ETS.

TOEFL’s official website

TOFEL Exam Center Location in Bangladesh

  • American International University-Bangladesh
    Road#21, House # 58/B
    Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani
    Dhaka – Bangladesh 1213
  • International University of Business Agriculture and Technology- IUBAT
    4 Embankment Drive Road
    (Off Dhaka-Ashulia Road)
    Sector 10, Uttara Model Town
    Dhaka – Bangladesh 1230
  • DNS Software Ltd.
    Paragon House 5 Mohakhali C/A, 4th Floor
    Dhaka – Bangladesh 1212
  • US Software Limited
    69/B Panthapath
    Dhaka – Bangladesh

How to Prepare Yourself for TOEFL?

You don’t need anyone’s guidance for TOEFL test. you yourself can take preparation. Well, it can’t be said how long it will take to prepare yourself fully. Because not everyone has the same devotion or intelligence. So, you just need to be a little tricky and follow the right direction and plan with technique.

  • Then here are some tips:
  • Improve your English language proficiency
  • Enrich your English vocabulary, grammar and presentation
  • Make yourself skilled in making notes
  • Listen to podcasts everyday
  • Read English newspaper / magazines daily·
  • Solve TOEFL tests daily. It will help you to understand the question structure in more details and you will be more efficient
  • Enhance your typing skill
  • Last and most important tips is you have to read daily.

Recommended Books

  • Barron’s TOEFL
  • Barron’s essential words for the TOEFL
  • Official Guide to the TOEFL Test (ETS)
  • Official TOEFL IBT Tests (ETS)
  • Kaplan’s TOEFL IBT Premier
  • CD: 1. Kaplan TOEFL Test, II. Peterson TOEFL Test.

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