Class 9 Bangla Assignment Answer 2021 with PDF ( 12th week)

12th week class nine Bangla assignment solution 2021 PDF. Class 9 Bangla assignment answer 2021 is available on our website. The assignment has been published on DSHE’s official website  If you are a student of class nine and are looking for Bangla assignment solution then you have come to the right page. Let’s see class nine Bangla 12th assignment answer 2021.

Class 9 Bangla Assignment Answer 2021

Assignment activities were closed for 1 month due to the Corona epidemic. Assignment activities have been resumed as corona infection is relatively low. Assignments for all classes from class six to class nine were published yesterday. All class assignment answers are given on our website.

However, through this post, we will only provide Bangla assignment answer. Although Bangla is a very easy subject, many students cannot answer assignments properly. These students can take assignment answers from our website. Let’s check our Bangla assignment question and sample solution.

12th Week Class Nine Bangla Assignment Sample Answer

Bengali has been scheduled for the twelfth-week assignment subject. This week’s assignment topic is chosen from a poem in the main book. Today we have added class 9 Bangla 12th week assignment solution for you that can help you a lot.

Question : ভাবসম্প্রসারণ কর:  ” সঙ্কল্প করেছ যাহা, সাধন করহ তাহা, রত হয়ে নিজ নিজ কাজে। “


Sample Answer


8th week Class Nine Bangla Assignment Solution

Bangla is the compulsory subject of class nine. Students in any group of science, commerce, and arts have this subject. Assignment answers to this subject can be found through this post. Class 9 Bangla assignment and assignment answer PDF is given below.


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4th Week Bangla Answer

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Class 9 Bangla Assignment

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  •  4th week Assignment Answer

Class 9 Bangla assignment answers has been given here.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Writing Assignment

1. It is better to have an A4-size paper for the assignment.

2. On the cover page of the assignment, the name of the school, name of the student, class, branch, roll number, subject, and date should be written neatly.

3. Separate assignments for each subject should be prepared in the same procedure.

4. The red ink pen should not be used in any way in the assignment.

5. All the assignments should be the same size.

6. Handwriting should be beautiful and clean.

7. It is better not to write assignments by looking at other people’s assignments.

9. Assignments should be made through self-acquired knowledge so that the results of your learning are reflected.

10. The assignment must be submitted to the school on the date given by the teacher.

11. No recommendation, request, or application will be accepted if the assignment is not submitted on time.

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