5th week Class 9 English Assignment Answer 2021

All Week class nine English assignment question solution 2021. 5th week Class 9 English Assignment answer 2021 is available on our website. Like other classes, authority has declared subject wise assignment topic. We answer assignment questions of different subjects accordingly. Through this post, you will find class nine English assignment answer 2021.

Class 9 English Assignment Answer 2021

Class 9 English assignment for the 1st week have already been published. The first week’s assignment was published on March 16, 2021. Second week English assignments have also been published. We answered the first week English assignment questions. Similarly, we will also answer the second week assignment questions. You will get 2nd week’s Class 9 English assignment answer through this post. To get class nine English assignment answer read the rest of the post.

5th Week Assignment 2021

Class nine 5th week English assignment has been declared. In this week authority has selected two subject for assignment. One is English and rest is related to specific group. You will get English subject assignment and solution through this post. See assignment questions and answers for other subjects in class nine from here.

Class 9 English Assignment Answer

Assignments and solutions for all classes are provided on our website. Every year assignments and solutions for all classes are published on our website. Like every year, this year also Class 9 English Assignment Answer 2021 is given below.

Class 9 English Assignment 2021

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Class Nine Assignment 2nd Week Solution

You can collect class nine English assignment solution from this post. You can also download the English assignment directly from the official website, if you want. To download the assignment from the official website visit Or you can collect assignments from your respective schools if you want.

Check Others Subject Assignment Answer

Guidelines for Writing Assignments

1. There will be a cover page. Its better if the page is of formal design.

2. The cover page will have a logo according to the subject.

3. The cover page will have the subject clearly written at the top, it will look good if it is crescent shaped but there is no problem if it is normal straight.

4. At the bottom, there will be name, class rolls, book names and etc.

5. There will be a blank white page at the end of the assignment.

6. The ideal assignment is to be interrupted by special poly-plastic covers. (However, this isn’t mandatory for students)

7. There should be sufficient margin on the inside writing page of the assignment.

8. The standard assignment is to write on the top or right side of a page.

9. Even if you write short assignments on a single subject, you have to write more than 7-8 pages. And the standard assignment can be 20-50 pages longer. However, the syllabus of the students has been specified so it is not right to enlarge it unnecessarily. However, various questions and topics have to be written in a big way. Here the explanations can be researched and written in your own opinion.

10. Assignments are not usually written in stylish letters. So you need to be clear and keep all the letters in the regular size.

11. The source of the assignment information can be anything like books, story books, novels, poetry books, internet etc. There is no problem, but it cannot be copied exactly. You have to write what you understand after reading the source. The words of advice of any person or author should be written in double quotation at this time.

12. The assignment should be written on one side of the paper.

13. Find the answer to the assignment question and write it yourself. One should not copy to see someone else’s assignment solution.

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