Class 9 Science Assignment Answer 2021 (5th Week)

5th week class nine Science assignment solution 2021 is available on this post. Class 9 Science assignment answer 2021 has recently been published on the official website of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education. Assignments have also been published on our website There is also NCTB assignment solution with the assignment. Let’s find out in more detail.

Class 9 Science Assignment Answer 2021

In the 5th week, Science assignment of class nine has been published. Assignments have been given on the water for life chapter of the science subject. This chapter is written on the topic of water. Such as scientific explanation of water, how water is being wasted, how we can conserve water, etc.

In the fifth week, the students of class nine will have to submit the assignment of this science subject to their respective schools. However, students who cannot solve the assignment through their acquired knowledge can see our solution. Our website publishes accurate solutions.

Class Nine Science Assignment Answer 2021

Below is the Science Assignment. And below that is the assignment solution. Students can see or download the assignment solution from here if they want.

5th Week Assignment Answer 2021

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Guidelines for Writing Assignment

1) First select a formal cover page. Fill the cover page beautifully and clearly with the required information.

2) Draw margins on all four sides of the page on which the assignment answer will be written.

3) Write the answer according to the question number.

4) Before writing the answer to each question, write the question and then write the answer below it.

5) Write the answer on one side of the page. Leave the other side blank.

6) Try to do good handwriting. If the handwriting is bad, write it clearly.

7) no unnecessary writing or marks can be left in the assignment. Assignments should be kept clean. Because a beautiful assignment helps to get a good evaluation.

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