Dakhil All Class Short Syllabus 2021 PDF (Class 6,7,8 & 9)

Madrasah Board Dakhil all class (6,7,8 & 9) short syllabus 2021. Dakhil syllabus 2021 has been uncovered on Madrasah Education Board website. Dakhil new syllabus made by reducing 20-25% or more from each subject of class 6 to 9. After the publication of new Dakhil syllabus PDF, the students will be taught for the next 60 days according to the new syllabus and the Dakhil exam will be taken based on the number of topics completed in the syllabus within these 60 days. Let’s know more details about this through this post. বাংলায় দেখুন

Dakhil Short Syllabus 2021

The government has taken a policy decision to open educational institution from February, 2021 to complete the new syllabus of Dakhil examinees. The new syllabus will be a short syllabus and it will cover topics that can be completed in a few months.

Dhakhil expected new syllabi has been released. Let’s find out what the new syllabus might look like. And how to download.

Important information
  • Dakhil Exam Start: June 2021 (Expected)
  • Syllabus Publication Date: 2 February 2021

Dakhil All Class New Syllabus 2021 PDF

Madrasah education board declared their all class short syllabus. Since it is not possible to take classes due to corona ‍so that short syllabus has been prepared. Students submit their assignment based on this syllabus. Here we added all class short syllabus. Find out which class assignment syllabus you need.

Class 6 Short Syllabus PDF

Madrasah education board Dakhil class 6 new short syllabus has been declared. All Subjects short added here as PDF file. If you want to download PDF then follow the chart.

Class 6 Subjectwise Syllabus  Download PDF
Class 6 Agriculture PDF Link
Class 6  Bangla PDF Link
Class 6 Math PDF Link
Class 6  English PDF Link
Class 6 Home Science PDF Link
Class 6 Science PDF Link

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Dakhil Class 7 New Syllabus PDF

Madrasah Dakhil Class 7 new syllabus PDF has been declared. Five subject short syllabi added here, to download subject wise assignment syllabus just click on “PDF Link”

Class 7 Subjectwise Syllabus  PDF Download
Class 7 Agriculture PDF Link
Class 7 Mathematics PDF Link
Class 7 Bangladesh & Global Studies PDF Link
Class 7  English PDF Link
Class 7 Science PDF Link

Dakhil Class 8 Short Syllabus 2021

Dakhil class 8 short assignment syllabus has been uncovered. All Subjects new syllabus is given below. To save your file just click on the respective subject “PDF Link ” button. To get Dakhil assignment answer 2021 you have to wait some days.

Class 8 Subjectwise Syllabus  PDF Download
Class 8 Agriculture PDF Link
Class 8  Bangla PDF Link
Class 8 Bangladesh & Global Studies PDF Link
Class 8  English PDF Link
Class 8 Home Science PDF Link

Dakhil Class 9 Assignment Syllabus 2021

Short Syllabus of various subjects of Dakhil Class 9 has been published. There will also be a download link with each subject’s short assignment syllabus. You can also download and keep each assignment if you want.

Class 9 Subjectwise Short Syllabus  PDF Download
Class 9  Bangla PDF Link
Class 9  English 1st Paper PDF Link
Class 9  English 2nd  Paper PDF Link
Class 9 Math Assignment PDF Link
Class 9 Science PDF Link
Class 9 ICT PDF Link
Class 9 Bangladesh & Global Studies PDF Link
Class 9 Biology PDF Link
Class 9 Higher Math PDF Link
Class 9 Chemistry PDF Link
Class 9 Physics PDF Link
Class 9 Civies Assignment PDF Link
Class 9  Geography & Environment PDF Link
Class 9 Career Education PDF Link
Class 9 Home Science PDF Link
Class 9 Agriculture PDF Link
Class 9 Physical Education PDF Link

What will the new syllabus look like?

After the SSC syllabus was published on the 25th January, it was declared void. The reason is stated as,

Many officials of the Ministry of Education were outraged by the short syllabus of SSC that was published. Because, it is not possible to complete this short syllabus in three-four months. Education ministry officials say students and teachers from different parts of the country called and objected to the syllabus.

The teachers complained that all the chapters of different subjects that were left out were not taught in the classroom. It takes at least 10 months to complete the new syllabus that has been published.

According to this information, the new syllabus that will be prepared for the Dakhil examinees will be prepared in such a way and will contain the topics or chapters that the students will be able to complete in a few months.

Reason for Creating New Syllabus This Year

Due to the Corona epidemic, all educational institutions in Bangladesh were closed for a long time. Therefore, the Bangladesh government has decided to take this year’s Dakhil and equivalent examinations in a short syllabus.

Under the direction of Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni, a team of subject matter experts is formed for each book of the candidates and a complete short syllabus will be prepared in collaboration with each team.


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