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GST B Unit Admission Result 2023 PDF ( Merit + Waiting List)

22 University General Science and Technology (GST) B unit admission merit list and waiting result 2022-2023 PDF. GST B unit result 2023 has been announced on This article serves as a comprehensive guide to the GST admission result and related information.

The announcement for the GST B Unit Admission Result has been announced.

GST B Unit Admission Result 2023

GST stands for General Science and Technology, which reflects the inclusive nature of the program as it welcomes students from diverse academic backgrounds. The title “General Science and Technology” encompasses the broad scope of subjects covered within the GST honors first-year admission exam. The results for all units of the GST admission exam for the academic year 2022-2023 are expected to be released within 2-3 days after each unit’s examination. GST B Unit Result follows the same timeline and is not an exception.

Institute Name: 22 Public Universities

Exam Name: GST Honors First Year B Unit Admission Exam

Application Date: Time is Over

B Unit Exam Date: 20 May 2023

Result Published: 23 May 2023


GST B Unit Result 2023

GST B unit admission exam was specifically designed for students from the Humanities background. On May 20, 2023, the admission test took place nationwide. We have already provided the question solution for the GST B unit exam, which you can find on our website. Today, our primary emphasis will be on the GST B unit result 2023. Additionally, we will provide a detailed explanation of the GST admission result login process. Therefore, we encourage you to read the entire post attentively for a comprehensive understanding.

GST B Unit Merit List Result PDF/Online

To access the GST B unit Merit list result, there is no dedicated link or notice available. Instead, you are required to log in to your GST admission account. Some candidates may face difficulty in locating the login process for the GST admission result. To make it more convenient for you, we have included a button below. By simply clicking on the button, you will be directed straight to the GST student login page.

GST B Unit Admission Result 

GST B unit result was announced on May 23, 2023, just a few hours ago. Unlike previous years, this year the result was not published through an online notice; instead, it was directly delivered to each student’s GST admission account. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check the GST B unit result:

  1. If you are unable to locate the login button on the official GST admission website,, you can simply click on the “GST STUDENT LOGIN” button provided above.
  2. Alternatively, you can directly access the login page by clicking on this link:
  3. Enter your Applicant ID and Password in the respective boxes.
  4. Click on the “Login” button to proceed.
  5. Upon successfully logging into your account, you will immediately see your GST B unit result, including the marks obtained in each subject.

Please follow these steps carefully to access your GST B unit result.

01GST B Unit Waiting List Result

GST B unit waiting list result has been released alongside the main merit list. The waiting list result provides an additional opportunity for candidates who have not secured a place in the initial merit list. It allows them to potentially gain admission if any vacancies become available due to withdrawals or other circumstances.

To check the GST B unit waiting list result, candidates need to follow a similar process as the main result:

  1. Log in to your GST admission account on the official website,, using your Applicant ID and Password.
  2. Look for the designated section or tab related to the waiting list result. It may be labeled as “GST B Unit Waiting List” or something similar.
  3. Once you access the waiting list result, you will find the names of candidates who have been placed on the waiting list in order of their ranking.
  4. The waiting list provides information on the positions of candidates on the list, indicating their chances of obtaining admission if spots become available.

Candidates on the waiting list should keep a close eye on further notifications and updates from the GST admission authorities. In case any vacancies arise, the admission process may be extended to include candidates from the waiting list.

Interesting Facts
The students who participated in the GST admission exam have to apply to different universities manually after they publish the minimum requirement.

Recover GST Student’s Applicant’s ID and Password

To get the GST result (B unit), you have to log in to the GST student account by providing the Applicant’s ID and Password. But if you somehow forget or misplace the login details there is no need to panic at all. Follow the mentioned steps below to recover the details without any problem.

  • Recovering the Applicant’s ID and Password is quite easy. At first, go to this website-
  • After landing on the home page, click on the Recover Application ID / Password link (see the image below)
  • Then input HSC/Equiv. Roll, HSC/Equiv. Board and HSC/Equiv. Passing Year in the box and press the submit button.
  • You will get your Applicant’s ID and Password back.


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