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Jahangirnagar University Admission Circular 2020-2021 |

Jahangirnagar University Admission Circular 2020-2021. JU admission circular 2021 for Honours 1st year has not been published yet on official website or  But JU Online application date has been published. You may take look at this year circular of JU admission test and get a brief knowledge and clearer concept about this public university admission test for this session. Here you can download the admission test circular PDF file and the detail discussion about JU admission exam prospectus . বাংলায় দেখুন

JU online application date has been published.

Jahangirnagar University Admission Circular 2020-2021

Jahangirgarh University (JU) is a leading public university in Bangladesh. This university has 34 departments and 3 institutes. According to the last year statistics, about 3 lakh 59 thousand 962 students have completed online admission application process for the 2019-20 academic year against 1889 seats. In other words, 191 candidates compete for each seat. In this post, we will discuss Jahangirgarh University Admission Application, Eligibility, Distribution of Questions, Number of Seats and other important information.


Primary Application

Application Start:  01 June 2021

Deadline: 15 June 2021

Application Fee: 55/- Taka

Final Application

First Phase: 24 June – 29 June 2021

Second Phase: 01 July – 06 July 2021

Application Fee: 1,100/- Taka

Other Information

Admission Test: Date is not yet fixed.

Admit Card: Will be informed.

Admission Date Initiate: Will be informed.

Admission Date Finished: Will be informed.

Admission website Link:

2nd time admission allowed.

Application Fee

A,B,C,D,E Unit 1,100/- Taka
C1, F, G, H,I Unit 700/- Taka

Unit Name & Seat Distribution

The total admission test procedure of Jahangirnagar university is divided into 9 unit according to faculty and area of study. Theses units are named by A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I. Admission test for different unit will be held in different time. Question pattern and examination system differ from one unit to another. Requirement for participating in admission test of JU is also differ from one unit to another.

Each unit of Jahangirnagar University has separate seats for male and female students. Here we attach unit wise seat distribution.

 Unit Name Seat For Male Seat For Female Total Seat
 A Unit – Faculty of Mathematics & Physics 235 175 410
B Unit – Faculty of Social Science 163 163 326
C Unit – Faculty of Arts & Humanities * * *
C1 Unit – Department of Dramatics and Fine Art * * *
D Unit – Faculty of Biology 160 160 320
E  Unit- Faculty of Business Studies 100 100 200
F Unit- Faculty of Law 30 30 60
G Unit – Institution of Business Administration  25  25 50
H Unit – Institute of Information Technology 28 28 56
I Unit- Institute of Bangabandhu Comparative literature and Culture 15 15 30

Information Source : 2019-2020 academic year admission result.

Minimum Requirement

Applicants must have passed their SSC/Equivalent exam in 2017 or later and HSC / Equivalent in 2019 or 2020. That means, students can apply for 2nd time admission test.

B, C, I, Unit – To apply for the admission test, both SSC and HSC examinations must have a minimum GPA 3.50 separately. Subject wise qualifications are also required for admission.

C1 Unit – To admission apply, candidates must have minimum GPA 3.25 in both SSC & HSC examinations separately.

A, D, E, F, G, H unit – Applicants must have minimum GPA 4.00 in both SSC & HSC examinations separately.

Admission Test Marks Distribution

Candidates will be evaluated based on 100 marks. There will be 80 marks in the admission test and 20 marks will be on the result of SSC and HSC.

80 Marks (Admission Test) – There will 80 MCQ questions with 1 mark for each. You will get 55 min for answering all the questions and negative mark 0.20 per wrong answer. The  pass mark is 27 out of 80 marks.

20 Marks ( SSC & HSC GPA) – (HSC GPA x 2.5 ) + ( SSC GPA x 1.5 ) = 20

 Faculty of Mathematics & Physics (A Unit)

Marks Distribution

  • Physics-22
  • Chemistry-22
  • Mathematics-22
  • Bangla-3
  • English-3
  • Analytical Ability-8

Available Subjects

  1. Computer Science and Engineering
  2. Mathematics
  3. Statistics
  4. Chemistry
  5. Physics
  6. Geological
  7. science
  8. Environmental science

Faculty of Social Science (B Unit)

Marks Distribution

  • Bangla-10
  • English-15
  • Math-15
  • General knowledge-25
  • Analytical Ability -15

Available Subjects

  1. Economics
  2. Geography and environment
  3. Government and Politics
  4. Anthropology
  5. Urban and Region planning
  6. Public administration

Faculty of Arts & Humanities ( C unit)

  • Bangla-15
  • English-15

50 numbers will be distributed in others subject which are related with faculties.

  • History-10
  • Philosophy-10,
  • Archaeology-10
  • International Relation-10
  • Journalism and Media studies-10

Available Subjects

  1. Bangla
  2. English
  3. History
  4. Philosophy
  5. Archaeology
  6. International Relation
  7. Journalism and Media studies

Department of Dramatics and Fine Art (C1 Unit)

Marks Distribution

  •  Bangla-10
  • English-10

60 numbers will be distributed in others subject which are related with faculties

  • Drama and Theatricalism-30
  • Fine arts-30

Available subjects

  1. Drama and Dramatics
  2. Fine arts

Faculty of Biology ( D Unit)

Marks Distribution

  • Bangla & English – 8
  • Chemistry – 24
  • Botany – 22
  • Biology – 22
  • Analytical Ability & IQ -15

Available subjects

  1. Pharmacy
  2. Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering
  3. Biochemistry and molecular biology
  4. Microbiology
  5. Public health & informatics
  6. Zoology
  7. Botany

Faculty of Business Studies (E Unit)

Marks Distribution

  • Bangla – 15
  • English- 30
  • Math – 15
  • Accounting & Business Organization and Management – 20

Available subjects

  1. Finance and Banking
  2. Marketing
  3. Accounting & Information Systems
  4. Management Studies

Faculty of Law (F Unit)

Marks Distribution

  • Bangla – 25
  • English – 25
  • Current Affairs & IQ – 30

Available subject

  1. Law & Justice

Institution of Business Administration- IBA JU (G Unit)

Marks Distribution

  • Bangla – 5
  • English – 30
  • Mathematical Aptitude & IQ – 30
  • Current Affairs & Analytical – 10
  • Viva – 5

Available subject

  1. BBA Program

Institute of Information Technology – IIT (H Unit)

Marks Distribution

  • Bangla- 5
  • English- 15
  • Math – 40
  • Physics – 20

Institute of Bangabandhu Comparative literature and Culture (I Unit)

Marks Distribution

  • Bangla- 15
  • English – 15
  • International Literature- 10
  • General Knowledge – 10
  • Culture- 5
  • Anthropology -5
  • Archeology – 5
  • Bangabandhu, Liberation War & Bangladesh – 10
  • History – 5

Jahangirnagar University Question Bank PDF

JU Admission Circular 2020-21

JU current year admission notice has declared.

Online Application Procedure

You have to apply online for participating in Jahangirnagar university admission test for 2020-2021 session in three steps. You must have to follow and completely submit all of your information correctly and pay within valid date the exact amount of unit application fee for the admission test. Then after payment you have to log in admission test official website with your payment transaction id and password. Now just upload your formal passport size image and your signature.

Here is step by step guideline…

  1. First go to this link and fill up the application form with 100% correct information. go to this link
  2. Payment through Bkash / Rocket [see payment procedure] and collect Transaction ID (Trx_Id) and keep it with importance.
  3. Download your admit card by logging in to this link:

Payment Process

You can pay Jahangirnagar University admission test fee by two ways.One for Dutch Bangla Bank limited mobile Banking (DBBL Mobile banking) and Other one is Brac bank mobile banking service(BKash mobile banking). Here is noted down both of the payment procedure.

  • bKash Payment
  1. when you select bkash for payment method while filling-up  application form admission test.just input your bkash number.
  2. After inputting the bkash number you will see the total amount have to pay and the billing number.
  3. In the mean time you will receive a verification code for submitting in next step. submit the 6 digit code
  4. Input your Bkash pin number.
  5. You have done!
  • DBBL Payment
  1. Dial *322#
  2. Select “Payment”
  3. Select “Bill pay”
  4. Select “Self”
  5. Input Biller ID “343”
  6. Input Bill number “You bill number”
  7. Type amount
  8. Input pin number


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