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Rajshahi University A, B and C Unit Seat Plan 2022-2023 PDF

RU admission test will be started on 29 May 2023. Authority has announced all unit RU seat plan PDF.

University of Rajshahi A, B & C unit admission seat plan for 2022-2023 PDF. RU Seat Plan 2023 PDF has announced on RU admission-related website The admission test will start on 29 May 2023. This article depicts how to check “RU A,B & C unit seat plan 2023” and other related information which is crucial for admission candidates.

Rajshahi University A, B and C Unit Seat Plan 2022-2023

Rajshahi University admission test is scheduled to commence on May 29th. The first unit to be examined will be the ‘C’ unit. Subsequently, on May 30th, the ‘A’ unit examination will take place, followed by the ‘B’ unit examination on May 31st. The entire examination process will consist of 12 shifts, with four shifts allocated to each unit. For the academic year 2022-23, a total of 178,574 individuals have submitted their final applications for the first-year Bachelor (Honours) admission examination. However, only 3,930 seats are available, meaning there will be intense competition with 45 students vying for each seat.

Institute Name: Rajshahi University

Exam Name: Honours Admission Test 2023

Exam Date: 29,30 & 31 May 2023

Total Unit: A, B and C

Official Admission Website:

RU Admission Test Final Routine

The admission-related website of Rajshahi University has recently been updated with the final routine. The updated routine for the RU admission 2023 is now available in both image and PDF formats, which we are sharing with you.

Ru admission Test Date

Rajshahi University Seat Plan 2022-2023

Rajshahi University seat plan for the academic year 2022-2023 has been released. RU seat plan provides important information regarding the allocation of seats for the upcoming admission examination. It helps candidates know their designated seating arrangements, ensuring a smooth and organized process during the examination. RU admission seat plan is a comprehensive layout that specifies the examination halls, rooms, and seating arrangements for each unit and shift. It allows candidates to locate their assigned seats easily, minimizing confusion and potential disruptions on the day of the exam.

Interesting Facts
Rajshahi University has the area of total 305 hectare (753 acre).

RU Admission Seat plan 2023 PDF

The seat capacity at Rajshahi University for the upcoming admission test in 2023 is 4,173 seats, excluding any special quota allocations. However, as of now, the RU authority has been published the seat plan notices for Units A, B, and C on their official website.

To access the Rajshahi University admission test seat plan for 2023, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the official website of Rajshahi University’s admission portal at
  2. Look for the notice board section on the website’s homepage.
  3. Check if the Rajshahi University admission test seat plan notice for 2023 is available in PDF format there.
  4. If you cannot find the seat plan notice on the notice board, proceed to login to your RU admission account.
  5. Within your admission account, you are likely to find a specific notice regarding your assigned seat plan.
  6. However, it is highly probable that the seat plan will also be published on the notice board of the official website.

It is essential to keep checking the official website for any updates on the release of the seat plan. The Rajshahi University authority typically ensures that the seat plan is easily accessible to all candidates, either through the website’s notice board or individual admission accounts.

Faculties / Institutions of all Units

There is a total of three units available for the Rajshahi University admission exam. The name of the units is Unit A (Humanities), Unit B (Business) and Unit C (Science). We have discussed about the Faculties and Institutions of each unit in the chart below.

Unit Name Faculty / Institute
A Unit Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Social Science, Education and Research Institute
B Unit Faculty of Business Studies and Institute of Business Administration (IBA)
C Unit Faculty of Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Geology, Faculty of Fisheries, Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Science

Number of Seats for Different Departments / Institute

Rajshahi University has also published a notice regarding seat numbers for the students. The chart shows that there is a total of 4173 seats allotted for the students.

Faculty of Arts:

Serial No. Departments’ Name Seat Number
1 Philosophy 110
2 History 110
3 English 100
4 Bangla 100
5 History and Culture of Islam 110
6 Arabic 110
7 Islamic Studies 110
8 Drama 25
9 Music 30
10 Persian language and literature 40
11 Culture 56
12 Urdu 40

Total: 941

Faculty of Law

Serial No Departments’ Name Seat Number
1 Law 110
2 Law and land administration 50

Total: 160

Faculty of Science

Serial No Departments’ Name Seat Number
1 Math 110
2 Physics 90
3 Chemistry 100
4 Statistics 90
5 Biochemistry and Molecular Science 50
6 Pharmacy 50
7 Population Science and Human Resource Development 60
8 Applied Mathematics 80
9 Physical Education and Sports Science 30

Total: 660

Faculty of Business Studies

Serial No Departments’ Name Seat Number
1 Accounting and Information System 110
2 Management Studies 100
3 Marketing 110
4 Finance 100
5 Banking and Insurance 60
6 Tourism and Hospitality Management 30

Total: 510

Faculty of Social Science

Serial No Departments’ Name Seat Number
1 Economy 110
2 Political Science 110
3 Social Work 90
4 Social Science 100
5 Mass Communication and Journalism 50
6 Information Science and Library Management 66
7 Public administration 60
8 Anthropology 56
9 Folklore 66
10 International Relation 40

Total: 748

Faculty of Biology

Serial No Departments’ Name Seat Number
1 Psychology 70
2 Botany 70
3 Zoology 80
4 Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology 40
5 Medical Psychology 30
6 Microbiology 30

Total: 320

Faculty of Agriculture

Serial No Departments’ Name Seat Number
1 Agronomy and Agriculture Extension 56
2 Group Science and Technology 110

Total: 112

Faculty of Engineering

Serial No Departments’ Name Seat Number
1 Applied Chemistry and Chemical engineering 70
2 Computer Science and Engineering 50
3 Information and Communication Engineering 46
4 Material Science and Engineering 50
5 Electrical and Electronic Engineering 50

Total: 266

Faculty of Fine arts

Serial No Departments’ Name Seat Number
1 Painting, Oriental Art and Printing 45
2 Pottery and Sculpture 30
3 Graphics Design, Crafts and History of Arts 45

Total: 120

Faculty of Geology

Serial No Departments’ Name Seat Number
1 Geography and Environment Science 76
2 Geology and Mining 60

Total: 136

Faculty of Fisheries

Serial No Departments’ Name Seat Number
1 Fisheries 50

Total: 50

Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Science

Serial No Departments’ Name Seat Number
1 Veterinary and Animal Science 50

Total: 50


Serial No Name Seat Number
1 Institute of Business Administration (I.B.A) 50
2 Education and Research Institute (I.E.R) 50

Total: 100

Number of Seats for Special Quota

1 Small Ethnic Group 50 Seats Not more than 2 seats per department
2 Physically handicapped 50 Seats Not more than 2 seats per department


1 Children and Grandchildren of Freedom Fighters 5% of Every Department
2 Children of working staffs and teachers at RU 5% of Every Department
3 BKSP Quote 20% of Physical Education and Sports Science Department

 If you want to download the Number of Seats’ PDF file, click the button below.

Urgent Notice for Students

Rajshahi University has arranged accommodation in the common space such as – waiting room, hall room, prayer room, TV room, etc. The accommodation is only arranged for the female students who are attending the RU admission test from 29 to 31 May 2023. Follow the instructions to book a space:

  1. For accommodation, the students must call between 10 am to 7 pm. For booking call the numbers that are mentioned in the image below.
  2. The students have to show their admit cards to stay in the common space.
  3. The students must carry a photocopy of the certificate.
  4. The students have to arrive in the hall between 10 am to 7 pm.
  5. There are going to be more than 300 students in the common room. So everyone must keep their belongings in a safe place.


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