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SSC Result Comilla Board

Comilla board SSC result 2020. SSC Result Comilla board Marksheet is announce on Comilla Secondary and and higher secondary education board result website Education Board’s SSC exam was held on with the same routine as all other education board’s took their exam. And according to directive of education ministry,They published a notice to confirm that result will be published on 31st May along with all other Board’s SSC Exam result like Madrasah,Technical and all other General Education Board.To get SSC Comilla Education Board Result 2020 read through this content carefully.

Comilla Board SSC Result 2020

Comilla Board SSC Result Date is 31 May 2020. According to last year ssc Comilla board result total 193305 (83563 male and 109742 female) students appeared in exam. Among them 168569 (73966 male and 94603 female) students passed, i.e. secured minimum GP 1.0 in every compulsory and elective subject. Percentage of Pass is 87.2. Total 8827 (4350 male and 4477 female) students achieved GPA 5.00.
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Important informations

Comilla Board SSC result last year statistics.

  • Total Participated: 113171
    • Male Participation: 49103
    • Female Participation: 64068
  • Pass Rate: 70.87%
  • Total Passed:80207
    • Male Passed:35480
    • Female Passed:44727
  • Total Number of (GPA 5.00): 2780
    • Male: 1435
    • Female 1345

SSC Result Comilla board 2020

According to recent Comilla education board ssc result 2020 technologies one can check his result through SMS,internet and android app.Here we are discussing all methods to your favour of checking  Comilla board SSC exam result.


***Server may remain down due to high traffic.Use both button to click to get result from distinct result server

SSC Comilla board result Via SMS

If you have no internet connection or smartphone then you can check your result through SMS. SMS is the best way to check Comilla Board SSC result. We saw the official server of SSC Board result is remain down often in the day of SSC Comilla board result had been published. So that you can get more easily the result through sms. Now we are going to discuss how to get Comilla Board result 2020 through SMS. Follow the instruction given bellow to get SSC marksheet via sms.Go to your message option and type

SSC<space>COM<space>Roll Number <space> Year

and send your sms 16222

Example : SSC COM 654321 2020

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Comilla Board SSC Result Through Online

Internet is most easiest way to find your SSC result with marksheet. If you know proper website for any education board ssc result 2020 then you can check your result within 5 min. But always reminded that, only official website provided result. Others third-party websites are fake they redirect you one page to another page. No more intro. Now we show that How to check result easily via internet. Follow the Below instructions to get SSC result.

SSC Result 2019 with marksheet

At first go to Bangladesh education board result website

Now you can fill up input field with your valid data

1. At first you can see a examination field. Select your exam ” SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent”
2. Now select you exam year “2020”
3. Choose “Comilla” as your education board
4. Type your roll number
5. Type your registration number.
6. Now you can see a image. You have to fill up this input box according to image text.
7. Finally check your data.
8. If all data is right then click the ” submit ” button
9. Now you can see your ssc result Comilla board marksheet with your full information.

This is the another official website for SSC result with full marksheet 2020. If you check result via this site then you do not need any registration number.

  1. Go to
  2. Now click on “SSC/Equivalent exam”
  3. Now select your exam in “Examination” option.
  4. Select your exam year.
  5. Now select “Comilla” as your board.
  6. Then select your exam type “Individual Result”
  7. And type your Roll Number
  8. In this step type your Registration Number . It is not mandatory.
  9. Now type security key according to image.
  10. If all of your information is valid than click on “Get Result ” Button.
  11. Finally you can get your SSC Exam Result 2020 with marksheet.

Comilla Education Board SSC Result by android app

May be you do not know that Bangladesh Education Board Result website has a official SSC result app 2020. This app is available in google play store. This app is easy to use and this is best way for getting result. Now i discuss you how to check you ssc result via app.

  • Go to Goggle Play store.\
  • Now type “education board result”
  • Now you can see many apps by same name.
  • Then you can download which is powered by teletalk.

SSC Result Comilla Previous Statistics

In 2019,according to SSC Comilla board result total 193305 (83563 male and 109742 female) students appeared in exam. Among them 168569 (73966 male and 94603 female) students passed, i.e. secured minimum GP 1.0 in every compulsory and elective subject. Percentage of Pass is 87.2. Total 8827 (4350 male and 4477 female) students achieved GPA 5.00.

comilla board ssc result 2020In comparison among 5 years(from 2015 to 2019) of SSC Comilla board result, we can see that the highest pass rate in 2016 and that year some of eighty-four thousand of students participated the Board’s ssc exam.And the lowest pass rate in 2018.Here is the tabular and graphical representation of the later 5 years statistics.

[History] Passed vs Not Passed (Among Appeared) (% of GPA 5 among passed)
Year Appeared Passed Not Passed % of Pass GPA 5 % of GPA 5
1 2019 193,305 168,569 24,736 87.2 8,827 5.24
2 2018 182,720 146,897 35,823 80.39 6,865 4.67
3 2017 183,042 108,155 74,887 59.09 4,494 4.16
4 2016 160,535 134,971 25,564 84.08 6,984 5.17
5 2015 145,779 122,803 22,976 84.24 10,241 8.34
[History] GPA Countdown (Among Passed)
Year GPA 5.00 GPA 4.x GPA 3.x GPA 2.x GPA 1.x
1 2019 8,827 41,035 76,922 40,769 1,016
2 2018 6,865 34,080 70,712 34,826 414
3 2017 4,494 32,806 52,963 17,639 253
4 2016 6,984 41,742 65,401 20,440 404
5 2015 10,241 39,132 55,895 16,674 861

Disclaimer: This is Unofficial Analytics Report Automatically generated by computer program directly from raw result data provided by Education Board during result publication.In Chart the fractional part in percentage calculation is rounded up to one digit after decimal point. So, 67.23 may become 67.2 and 39.68 may become 39.7. Percentage of GPA 5 is considered among passed students.

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