SSC Result Marksheet 2020 All Board।

SSC result Marksheet 2020 All Board.  Secondary School Certificate SSC result 2020 marksheet will published on 6 may 2020 at a time all over the country. SSC exam result with marksheet will announced on All education board result websiteয় দেখতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

SSC Result MarkSheet 2020

This year SSC result with Marksheet 2020 announcement is knocking at the door. Thousands of students are waiting for SSC result . It is matter of sorrow that most of the examine do not know how to check All board ssc exam result 2020. Still now large number of student do not concern about SSC result official website.

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When SSC Result Published 2020

“When SSC result publish 2020” it is the most common question now-a-days. Sill now Education ministry do not announced any notice about SSC exam result date. But but most probably ,SSC 2020 result will publish on 6 May 2020.If you want to know more about SSC Result Date then you can visit here

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SSC Result 2020 Overview

This year about more than 17 laks students are participate on SSC exam. 2020 SSC exam is different from others year exam cause If we noticed last some year ssc exam Statistics then we see that every year boys students
are more that girl’s student. But this year is totally different from last 4-5 years. Cause this year about 6 thousands more girls students are attend to exam.
This year total exam center about 3,497. This year about 834 foreign students are attend to exam in 8 exam center.

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SSC Exam Result Analysis

whereas, SSC result 2020 marksheet is not published yet, so this result analysis is impossible. So that, we analysis last year SSC result. Last year about 1,10,629 students students got gpa 5. Last year General Board pass rate 79.40%, Vocational Board pass rate 71.96% .

Last year SSC result Pass rate statistics 

  SSC Education Board

Pass Rate

Dhaka Board 81.48 Board
Sylhet Board 70.43% Board
Dinajpur Board 77.62% Board
Rajshahi Board 86.07% Board
Comilla Board 80.40% Board
Barisal Board 77.11% Board
Jessore Board 73.67% Board
Chittagong Board 75.50% Board

How to get SSC result  full MarkSheet 2020

” How can i get SSC result 2020 with full marksheet ” it is a common questions in result season. In this era, everyone experts in internet. But it is matter of sorrow that, still now most of the people are indifferent about educational data access. They do not know Bangladesh education Board has a official Result website. They waste their time in third-party website to Check result. So that, today we will discuss 3 way to check ssc result 2020 with full marksheet.

SSC Result 2019 with marksheet

SSC Exam result 2020 via internet

Internet is most easiest way to find your result with full marksheet. If you know proper website for ssc result 2020 then you can check your result within 5 min. But always reminded that, only official website provided result. Others third-party websites are fake they redirect you one page to another page. No more intro.. Now we show that How to check SSC result easily via internet. Follow the Below instructions to get SSC result.

At first go to Bangladesh education board result website

Now you can fill up input field with your valid data

1. At first you can see a examination field. Select your exam ” SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent”
2. Now select youe exam year “2020”
3. Choose your education board
4. Type your roll number
5. Type your registration number.
6. Now you can see a image. You have to fill up this input box according to image text.
7. Now check your data.
8. If all data is right then click the ” submit ” button
9. Now you can see your ssc result marksheet with your full information.

This is the another official website for SSC result with full marksheet 2020. If you check result via this site then you do not need any registration number.

  1. Go to
  2. Now click on “SSC/Equivalent exam”
  3. Now select your exam in “Examination” option.
  4. Select your exam year.
  5. Now select your board.
  6. Now select your exam type “Individual Result”
  7. Now type your Roll Number
  8. In this step type your Registration Number . It is not mandatory.
  9. Now type security key according to image.
  10. If all of your information is valid than click on “Get Result ” Button.
  11. Finally you can get your SSC Exam Result 2020 with marksheet.

SSC Result 2020 MarkSheet Via SMS

If you have no internet connection or smartphone than you check your result via sms. SMS is best way to check SSC exam result. Most of the time in result day official result server down. So that you can get more easily via sms. Now we discuss how to get ssc result 2020 via sms. Follow the below instruction to get ssc marksheet via sms.

Go to your message option and type

For General Education Board :

SSC <space> first 3 latter your board <space>roll number<space>year and send your sms 16222.

Example : SSC Dha 654321 2020

For Madrasha Board :

Dakhil <space> Mad <space> Roll Number <space> Year and send your sms 16222.

Example : Dakhil Mad 654321 2020

For Technical Board :

SSC <space> Tec <space> Roll Number <space> Year and send your sms 16222.

Example : SSC Tec 654321 2020

SSC Marksheet Result 2020 Via Apps

May be you do not know that Bangladesh Education Board Result website has a official SSC result app 2020. This app is available in google play store. This app is easy to use and this is best way for getting result. Now i discuss you how to check you ssc result via app.

  • Go to Goggle Play store.\
  • Now type “education board result”
  • Now you can see many apps by same name.
  • Then you can download which is powered by tale-talk.

Board wise SSC result Marksheet 2020

May be you do not know that every education board has a specific ssc result website. But this websites published their own education board ssc result. When official website server down then you can check your result easily via your own education board website. Because these site load fast ans no server down because specific students are use this. Now we will discuss how to check your board wise ssc result marksheet via internet or sms.

Dhaka Board SSC result 2020Marksheet

Large number a students participate on ssc exam from Dhaka board. it is the largest education board in Bangladesh according to students. Last year Dhaka board had a good position in ssc result. If you are under Dhaka board then you can visit Dhaka education board result website *********. If you want to check Dhaka board ssc result 2020 then go to your message option and type sms like below format.

SSC < space> Dha< space>  Roll number < space> exam year and sent this sms to 16222.

Example : SSC Dha 654321 2020

Dhaka Board official link :

Rajshahi board SSC result 2020 with full marksheet

Rajshahi board is renowned education board in Bangladesh. In result perspective Rajshahi education board is very powerful. Last year this board got top Rajshahi board ssc result 2020. If you are Rajshahi board student then visit official website .

If you are student under Rajshahi Board then go to your massage option and type

SSC < space> Raj < space>  Roll number < space> exam year and sent this sms to 16222.

Example : SSC Raj  654321 2020

Rajshahi Board official link :

Barishal Board SSC Result Marksheet 2020

Barishal Board is very up to date education board in Bangladesh. But board wise result position is no good. But it is matte of glad that Barishal board result grow day by day. If you are student of this board then follow the below instruction to get result.

To get Barishal Board SSC Result Marksheet type in your massage option like this:

SSC < space> Bar < space>  Roll number < space> exam year and sent this sms to 16222.

Example : SSC Bar 654321 2020

Barishal Board official link :

Chittagong Board SSC Result 2020

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Chittagong is one of the important education board in Bangladesh. Large number of students are attend to SSC exam from Chittagong Board . Chittagong Board SSC Result 2020 Markshhet will published on their official website. To get Chittagong Board SSC Marksheet follow this method-

SSC < space> Chi < space>  Roll number < space> exam year and sent this sms to 16222.

Example : SSC Chi 654321 2020

Chittagong Board official link :

Comilla Board Result SSC

Last year Comilla Board increase their SSC result upto 21%. Hope that, this board will do well day by day. If you are a student of Comilla Board then you can follow this steps.

SSC < space> Com < space>  Roll number < space> exam year and sent this sms to 16222.

Example : SSC Com 654321 2020

Comilla Board official link :

Jessore Board SSC Result with full Marksheet

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Jashore ssc result will published on 6 May 2020. You can collect your Jashore board ssc result from their website or you can send SMS.

You may khow that jessore education board started a innovative way to distribute SSC result 2020. Board authority send SSC result SMS in every guardian’s mobile number. If you do not get result SMS then follow below SMS format…

SSC < space> Jas < space>  Roll number < space> exam year and sent this sms to 16222.

Example : SSC Jas 654321 2020

Jashore Board official link :

Mymensingh Board SSC Result full Marksheet 2020

Mymensingh Education Board is newest education board in Bangladesh. This is the first time SSC Result 2020  will published in this board.

SSC < space> Mym < space>  Roll number < space> exam year and sent this sms to 16222.

Example : SSC Mym 654321 2020

Mymensingh Board official link :

Sylhet Board SSC Marksheet 2020

This is the worst education board in last SSC result. Last year badly fall down ssc result in Sylhet Board. Education purpose this board condition worst day by day. Hope that, one day this board will do something good. Sylhet Board SSC examine can get his/her result via internet or SMS system.

SSC < space> Syl < space>  Roll number < space> exam year and sent this sms to 16222.

Example : SSC Syl 654321 2020

Sylhet Board official link :

Dinajpur Board SSC Exam Result with Full Marksheet  2020

If your a SSC ermine under  Dinajpur Board than you can follow this to get result more quickly.

SSC < space> Din< space>  Roll number < space> exam year and sent this sms to 16222.

Example : SSC Din 654321 2020

Dinajpur Board official link :

 SSC Scholarship  Result 2020

SSC Scholarship  Result is most important event for meritorious students. Every year best brilliant students are getting this Scholarship. You can get SSC Scholarship  Result 2020 in our website. Always Check our website to get ssc scholarship result more quickly.

SSC Board Challenge Result 2020

After result published board authority declared their SSC board challenge notice. If you do not get expected result in exam then you can apply for exam paper re-scrutiny. If you do not know to the process of SSC board challenge 2020 then you can follow our another post.

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