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SSC Result 2024 Publish Date । All Education Board

All Education Board Secondary School Certificate SSC Exam Result 2024 Announce Date. SSC Result 2024 Publish date has been announced by the officials of Directorate Of Secondary & Higher Education department. This article will help you to explain the basic information of getting SSC result with SSC result 2024 Published Date.

SSC Examination Result 2024 Publish Date

20 lakh 24 thousand 192 candidates across 11 educational boards, including 9 general education boards, madrasah, and technical education boards, took SSC exam this year. Only 15 lakh 99 thousand 711 of these were applicants for general education boards. There are about 3 thousand 700 exam venues across the country. Candidates of 29 thousand 735 educational institutions participated in it.

Exam Finish Date : 12 March 2024

Total Participant : 20,24,192

Total Education Board : 11

Total Exam Center : 3,700

SSC Result Publish Date : 

SSC Result Website Link :

When SSC Result 2024 will publish?

Professor Tapan Kumar Sarkar, president of the Inter-Study Coordination Board and chairman of the Dhaka Education Board, stated on Tuesday night that the review of SSC answer sheets is ongoing. Mid-November marks the end of it.

He claimed that after the examination is finished, the results are publicized within 60 days. The proposal will be submitted to the Ministry of Education in the second week of May, outlining a potential window for the SSC result will publish / release as 12 May 2024 . The Prime Minister will receive the ministry’s recommendation. On the day the Prime Minister provides his approval, the SSC result will be made public. In final word, SSC Result 2024 will announce on 12 May 2024.

SSC Result CGPA System

Marks Within Grade Point Letter Grade
80 to 100 Mark 5.00 A+
70 to 79 Mark 4.00 A
60 to 69 Mark 3.50 A-
50 to 59 Mark 3.00 B
40 to 49 Mark 2.00 C
33 to 39 mark 1.00 D
0 to 32 Mark 0.00 F

SSC Result 2024

SSC exam is usually held in the month of February every year. But this year the exam was postponed first due to Corona and later due to flood situation in other parts of the country including Sylhet.

2024 SSC exam candidates did not have classes for almost two years due to Corona. As a result, their exams were held on a shorter syllabus. That is why the examination of the three optional subjects was not conducted. They are – Information and Communication Technology, Religion and Bangladesh and World Identity. The class teachers will determine the marks for these three subjects. In later section we will discuss the getting procedure of SSC Result 2024.

How to get SSC Result 2024?

You are aware that there are 11 boards for the SSC exam across the country. Except for the Dinajpur board, each Division has its own educational board. For all students in madrasha, there is just one board for education. Bangladesh technical Education board board is for vocational student. Although every board is independent of the others, the date that the SSC result will announce is the same for every educational board.

You no longer need to visit your own institutions to check the results in this era. Your SSC exam result is available in a variety of formats. If you have a smartphone, you can check your results through applications or from a particular website. If you don’t have access to the internet, you can receive your SSC results via SMS. There are numerous clever ways to obtain SSC result 2024.

  • Internet
  • Apps
  • SMS

SSC Exam Result 2024 via Internet

The fastest way to find your SSC Result is online. A dedicated website for the SSC Result 2024 was created by the Bangladesh Education Board. is the website for all board results. You can check another official SSC result website if you experience any issues with this site’s high volume of traffic. You can follow your personal education board result page if you experience issues with the official websites. The website for board-specific results loads more quickly since only certain students visit it. To view the SSC result 2024, visit the page below.


SSC Result Via Apps

If you feel tired to get proper SSC result website then you can download SSC result apps. This app will help you to find your result more quickly. But it is matter of sorrow that, there is no official apps for SSC exam result.

SSC Result Via SMS

If you have no smartphone or internet connection then don’t worry. There is a simple way to check SSC Result SMS . Go to your message option and type your SSC result format SMS and send it a specific number. After some times you will get a back SMS with your glorious result.

Go to your message option and type-

 “SSC/DAKHIL<space> first three letters of the board’s name <space> Roll number<space>2024” and send this SMS to 16222.

             SSC DHA 321654 2024 sent to 16222


SSC Result 2024 SMS Advertisement

Here you can get all board SSC Result 2024 SMS checking process full details.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the SSC results be released in 2024?

Ans: The Bangladesh Education Board has sent the date on which results would be disclosed to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The 2024 SSC Results will be released on 12 May 2024

How do I check the result of my SSC?

Ans: The official websites and are where you may find your SSC results.

How do I find out my SSC result?

There are three ways to check your SSC result.
Via the Internet
2. Using mobile SMS
3. by way of Android apps

In Bangladesh, how many educational boards are there?

In Bangladesh, there are ten educational boards. General education board, the remaining Madrasha board, and the Technical board are included in theme 8.

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