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SSC Routine 2024 PDF Download (All Education Board)

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam routine 2024 PDF download.  SSC Routine 2024 has been declared on Ministry of Education’s official website. This article will guide you on how to access the SSC Routine PDF and provide you with extra details about the examination. বাংলায় দেখুন

SSC Routine 2024

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) will start on February 15, 2024, with the first Bangla paper at 10 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon. The hands-on exams will happen in schools from March 13 to March 20. The HSC exams in 2024 will follow the updated 2023 curriculum from the National Curriculum and Textbook Board. They’ll cover all subjects and be for the maximum possible marks.

Exam Name: Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

Total Boards: Eleven (Including Madrasa and Technical Board)

Exam Time: 10:00 to 11:30

Exam Start: 15 February 2024

Practical Exam: 13-20 March 2024

SSC Routine 2024 PDF Download

SSC Routine is like a map for the SSC Exam. It’s the official plan by the education board, showing when and where each part of the exam occurs. It’s super important for students preparing for the exam as it has all the details. Keep an eye on it to get ready for the big day.

SSC Routine 2024 PDF

If you want to get a PDF copy of the routine, it’s simple to do so from the official website. You can choose to download the SSC Exam Routine in PDF format by clicking the download button, or you can grab an image of the routine. If you run into any problems while downloading, don’t worry. The official website has lots of resources to help and guide you.

All Education Board SSC Exam Routine PDF

Education Boards in Bangladesh Download Routine
Dhaka Education Board Routine PDF
Chittagong Education Board Routine PDF
Rajshahi Education Board Routine PDF
Dinajpur Education Board Routine PDF
Jessore Education Board Routine PDF
Comilla Education Board Routine PDF
Barisal Education Board Routine PDF
Sylhet Education Board Routine PDF
Madrasah Education Board Dhakil Routine Routine PDF
Technical Education Board SSC Routine Routine PDF

SSC Exam 2024

SSC and HSC exams got pushed back two years because of COVID. The SSC exam in 2023 began on April 30 and finished in May. That year in 2024, the exam followed a shortened syllabus but still had full marks and time. Now, the SSC exams for 2024 will kick off on February 15.

 SSC routine 2024
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How to Download the SSC Exam Routine PDF

Even though we’ve shared the SSC Exam Routine file before, you can still use these steps to download it from the official website. It’s essential to be cautious of fake websites that might provide false information. We’ve been committed to delivering 100% authentic info for many years.

Here’s how to download the SSC Exam Routine 2024:

  1. First, go to the official Dhaka Education Board website at
  2. On the homepage, you’ll see several notice boards.
  3. Look for the “SSC Corner Notice” board and click on it.
  4. In that section, you’ll find a link to the SSC Routine 2024.
  5. Click the link, and the PDF file will start downloading automatically.

With these simple steps, you can confidently and easily get the SSC Routine 2024 from the official website.

Board-wise SSC Routine Information

In 2024, the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent exams will be conducted by several education boards in Bangladesh. These boards include Barisal Education Board, Comilla Education Board, Chittagong Education Board, Dhaka Education Board, Dinajpur Education Board, Jessore Education Board, Mymensingh Education Board, Rajshahi Education Board, Sylhet Education Board, Madrasah Board (for Dakhil exam), and Technical Board (for vocational exams). The Ministry of Education will release a preliminary schedule, which will be finalized based on input from students and guardians. We’ll keep you updated on the routine’s release date and exam start date.

Please be aware that the education board has the authority to adjust exam dates and times. If any changes occur, we’ll provide updates here. You can also find information about the SSC exam results for 2023 on this website.

An estimated 1.5 million students are expected to take the SSC and equivalent exams in 2024. The Bangladesh Education Board oversees the SSC and equivalent exams, while the Madrasah Education Board manages the Dakhil exam. These exams, including those under the Madrasah and Technical Boards, are scheduled to begin on the same date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – SSC Routine 2024

Q1: What is the SSC Routine? A1: The SSC Routine is a schedule or timetable for the Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSC Exam) in Bangladesh. It outlines the dates, times, and locations for various parts of the exam, including written and practical exams.

Q2: Where can I find the SSC Routine for 2024? A2: The SSC Routine for 2024 can be found on the official website of your respective education board or the Ministry of Education’s website. It is also available on various educational news websites.

Q3: When was the SSC Routine for 2024 released? A3: The release date of the SSC Routine can vary, but it is typically made available a few months before the exam. Keep an eye on official websites for updates.

Q4: Can the SSC Routine be subject to change? A4: Yes, the education board reserves the right to modify exam dates and times if necessary. It’s crucial to stay informed and check for updates regularly.

Q5: How can I download the SSC Routine? A5: To download the SSC Routine, visit the official website of your education board, locate the “SSC Corner Notice” board, and find the link to the SSC Routine for 2024. You can choose to download it in PDF format or as an image.

Q6: What do I need to know about the practical exam in the SSC Routine? A6: There is typically a short break between the written and practical exams, and they are held in different locations. Ensure you are aware of the specific venues for each part and arrive at the correct place and time.

Q7: How many students are expected to take the SSC and equivalent exams in 2024? A7: It is estimated that around 1.5 million students will participate in the SSC and equivalent exams in 2024.

Q8: Who manages the SSC and equivalent exams in Bangladesh? A8: The Bangladesh Education Board oversees the SSC and equivalent exams, while the Madrasah Education Board manages the Dakhil exam. The Technical Board handles vocational exams.

Q9: What should I do if there are any changes in the SSC Routine? A9: In case of any changes in the SSC Routine, we will provide updates on our website. It’s also advisable to stay informed through official sources and educational news portals.

Q10: Is the SSC Routine 2024 applicable for all education boards in Bangladesh? A10: Yes, the SSC Routine for 2024 is applicable for all education boards in Bangladesh, including Barisal, Comilla, Chittagong, Dhaka, Dinajpur, Jessore, Mymensingh, Rajshahi, and Sylhet Education Boards, along with the Madrasah and Technical Boards for specific exams.

Please note that specific details and dates may vary, so always refer to the official sources for the most accurate information.

Before you step into the SSC Exam 2024, take a moment to carefully go through the instructions in the exam routine PDF. It’s super important to do things the right way and not try anything tricky that could get you into trouble. We’ll make sure to give you the latest updates. Wishing you all the best for your exams!

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