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Dhaka University (DU) Online Application 2020-21 | Apply Now

Dhaka University  admission online application 2020-2021. DU admission apply 2021 started from 08 March 2021. You can apply online through this website DU online application 2020-21 process for admission test of all the units will start from 5 PM on 08 March 2021. Let’s know more details about DU admission application.

⚠ Dhaka University authority has postponed their admission admit card download from 10 July 2021.

Dhaka University Online Application 2020-2021

Dhaka University has a total of 5 units. Those are: Ka/ A Unit, Kha/ B Unit, Ga/ C Unit, Gha/ D Unit and Cha/E Unit. This post will provide detailed information regarding admission guidelines, application and fee submission of all units. But before that let’s know about admission requirement in each unit.

Important dates and schedule
  • Online Application Start: 08 March 2021 (5:00 PM)
  • Online Application End: 31 March 2021 (11:59 PM)
  • Admit Card Date: 10 July 2021 (Postponed) 
  • Admission Fee: 650/- Taka
  • Application link:
  • Official Website:

Admission Circular 

Read More: DU All Unit Admission Circular PDF

DU Admission Apply Process

Online application for DU admission test can be done through this website from 4:00 PM on 08 March 2021.

1. To fill up the online application form for the DU admission test, the applicant will need SSC and HSC information, current address and mobile number, parent’s national identity card number (optional).

2. The applicant has to select any 01 of the 8 divisional cities as  admission center.

3. A scanned image will be required. Image details are given below.

Image Format: jpg,  Size: 30 – 200 KB, Width: 360-540 pixel, Height: 540-720 pixel.

4. To send SMS, applicant must have a mobile number of Robi, Airtel, Teletalk, or Banglalink operator.

5. Admission application fee can be paid online within the stipulated time. You can use any one of the following to pay the admission fee. VISA/ Mastercard/ American Express Debit or Credit Card, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking or the Four States Bank Sonali, Janata, Agrani and Rupali bank.

*If you do not khow application procedure, you can download DU admission application manual from here.

Read More : All University Admission Circular 

To maintain equality

1. Students who have passed A-Level/ O-Level/ Equivalent Foreign Course or Open University can go to this website and apply under “Equivalence Application” menu and immediately submit the admission fee online.

2. Using the “Equivalence ID” they can login to the same website as normal students and apply for the Dhaka University admission test.

Contact Support For Admission

We have noticed that most of the applicants can not apply properly and face many kinds of trouble. For that reason, we collect the admission authority’s contact number and email address. You can contact them for any kind of inconvenience.

DU Admission Requirement

Before applying online to any unit, let’s know about DU admission requirement of each unit.

For Ka/ A Unit:

  • Applicants who have passed SSC or equivalent exam from 2015 – 2018 and the HSC or equivalent exam in 2020 from Science Group can apply for admission.
  • Applicants must be obtained at least grading point average or GPA 3.50 in both SSC and HSC or equivalent exam and the total GPA should be up to 8.50 (including optional subject).

For Kha/ B unit:

  • Students who have passed SSC or equivalent exam in 2015/ next year and HSC or equivalent exam in 2020 from the humanities group can apply online. Applicants can apply for admission through Kha/ B Unit subject to fulfilling the conditions mentioned in the Admission Guideline.
  • Applicants must be obtained minimum grading point average or GPA 3.00 in each exam and total GPA 8.00 in both exam.

Read More : Dhaka University All Unit Question Bank PDF  

For Ga/ C Unit:

  • Candidates who have passed Business Studies or A Level or Diploma in Business Studies or Business Management at Higher Secondary level can apply online.
  • Only those candidates who have passed SSC or equivalent 2015 – 2018 and HSC or equivalent examination in 2020 they can apply online.
  • Candidates must be obtained at least GPA 3.5 in both SSC and HSC or its equivalent exams. And the total grading point average should be up to 8.00 (with optional subject).

For Gha/ D Unit:

  • Candidates who have passed SSC or equivalent exam from 2015 – 2018 and HSC (Humanities, Science, Agricultural Science, Business Education) in 2020, they can apply.
  • Online Applications will not be accepted if you get less than ‘B’ grade in any subject in HSC or equivalent exam.
  • Students from Humanities group (including Madrasa Board) must have a minimum grading point average (GPA) of at least 8.0 in SSC & HSC exam (including additional subject).
  • Applicants from Business Education, Diploma in Business Studies, Diploma in Commerce and Business Management group should have a minimum grading point average (GPA) of 8.0 in both SSC and HSC or its equivalent exams (including fourth subject).
  • Students from Science, Madrasa Education Board’s Science, Home Economics and Agricultural Science group should have minimum grading point average (GPA) of 8.5 in SSC & HSC exams (including fourth subject).

For Cha/ E Unit:

  • Applicants who have passed SSC or equivalent exam from 2015 – 2018 and HSC (Humanities, Science, Agricultural Science Business Education) from 2020 will be able to apply.
  • Applicants who have passed HSC or equivalent exam in any group have a minimum grading point average (GPA) of 7.0 in SSC and HSC or equivalent exams (including fourth subject) can apply for admission.

Good to Know

Dhaka University (DU for short) is an autonomous government university in Bangladesh located at Shahbag, Dhaka; Which is known as a multi-faculty research university. It was established in 1921 following the Oxbridge education system in the then British India. Initially, it was recognized as the Oxford of the East, with its standards strictly controlled by various eminent scholars and scientists. A specialty of Dhaka University is that it had a special contribution to make Bangladesh independent.

Teachers of Dhaka University have won the highest number of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences medals. In addition, it is the only university in Bangladesh to be ranked in the top 100 universities by Asia Week. DU ranked 64th among the top-100 universities in Asia. There are about 43,000 students and 2,060 teachers

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